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2009 Goals and Battleplans

-may 2009 be filled with progress (raises metaphorical glass to toast to what i hope…no, what i Plan to be my best training year yet)

  • Everone feel free to include goals and plans to solidify this for themselves

ok, there was a thread similar, but focussing on one persons specific goals, and i want to see what everyone is planning and what they’re going to do to make sure it happens (barring unforseeable injury etc)

while doing my warm up cardio, i wrote out a chart of all my most important lifts and my current bests, and 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals that i hope to reach or come close to reaching…

just the way my traiing layout lies, i find most of my maxes are better in jan/feb rather than actually at the new year, but i dont know, whatever…i just want quantifiable goals, with a well executed and realistic plan, for quantifiable, realistic results

i wont do all of it but my basic battle plan right now is this…

for upper body…just focus on getting that shoulder fixed up as best as possible, right now its more volume, lower weight trying to build surrounding tissue and wait until pain is managable and area is strong enough to support higher percentages

lower body is where all my fun happens
i plan on peaking my back squat as i’ve been working up (percentage wise) and havnt done much work over 85% for quite some time, after i feel i’ve milked this as much as possible i’ll drop down and do a bit higher reps for a bit to try to lay some more foundation

so, tested max recently at 365, went up well…in 3 months i want 395 (really hoping the peaking allows for some nice jumps), then 415, and ultimately by about this time next year would really like 4 and a half plates (455), however just the way my training falls, i’m sure it’ll be more about february before i go super heavy (for me)
-in that time i’d like to see my front squats (around 315ish?) and deadlift (around 465 maybe?) to go up in a similar fashion, as i feel my lifts are relatively balanced for my body (aka my body doesnt hurt tooo much right now haha) to 385 and 555 respectively

-i’m considering trying to get more into olympic lifting and doing a couple local competitions this year, but i havnt commited yet so we’ll see…if this happens, by the end of the year, i’d love to seem my lifts

(Snatch…ugly powersnatch that would never pass in completition of 185, and C+J of around 250 to get up to 225 and 315 respectively…but this will largely depend on if i Do decide to compete and put all my focus on that…and also on my shoulder health)

i would also like to add another 15ish lbs of muscle again because i finally feel like i put everything in and had a truely successful year last year, and since i’m starting to figure out my body, the more i learn the more i hope i can tweak it and listen and squeeze as much progress as possible

Now, what does everyone else got going on?

  1. hit 200lbs (185ish right now)

  2. 600lbs pull, 450lb squat

  3. play well during the RL season (march-july)

  4. fix shoulder and improve mobility

Plan- eat loads, foam roll loads, train consistently and intellegently.

drop to 250 (267 now)
hit a 4 plate squat
5 plate dead
3 plate bench before im 18

In 2009,I’d like to increase my 1RM:

  • Deadlift from 395 to 438
  • Clean from 185 to 264 (arggg, thoughest)
  • Squat from 340x3 to 367 (or even 400)
  • Front squat from 235x5 to 300
  • Bench press from 225 to 275 using a wider grip too
  • Military press from 135x8 to 164 (I should max this lift soon with fresh triceps, maybe I’m already there)

Those numbers would rate me “advanced” according to the strength standard on ExRx for a 181 pound male, after 2 years of training.


  • Nail my diet.
  • Become more flexible to help my knee/hip/lower back/shoulder!!
  • Get my bench/squat/deadlift/hang clean/push press up to 275/310/440/190/200
  • Build up a base of endurance/cardio for rugby with track work on weekends, 1-2 rowing interval sessions and a full body circuit.

I know its a lot of things to aim for at once, but if I can sort the first two, the rest should follow. I am happy with my last 6 months of training for purely size/strength and am now looking to improve in other areas as well:-)

Work my ass off to get strong and hopefully get to 200 this year. Also compete in a powerlifting meet.

My main goals are very simple yet gonna be hard to hit. Right now i have a respective 1220 competition total, gym total higher of course :-P. My goals are to hit a 1300 by may, and a 1350 by my 20th in competition RAW lifts.

Another goal of mine is to transition into single ply and start bangin heads with the top USAPL 165ers in my age group, whom im sure have to be floating around this site…

-One arm chin by Sept.
-Front lever by Sept.
-315 bench, 405 squat, 500 dead
-body weight snatch
-continue bulking to 220-230 then cut to a lean 200-210
-start work on iron cross
-start competing in powerlifting

My plan for the first part '09 is to continue Madcow’s 5x5 intermediate until it stalls and then start smolov.

700-720/500/650 at 242 - single ply, drug free, junior

My goals are to totally rehab my left hamstring (it has been strained since late March 08) and return my one rep max of deadlifting to around 450lbs (I never actually did it, I just based that on reps achieved).

I want to keep my body weight around 190-195lbs while doing this. I also want my triceps to be bigger and stronger.

wow, time to step up my game

…'09 - its on like donkey kong

put 30+ lbs on my bench, squat, and deadlift by june; increase bodyweight; increase cardiovascular health

i will be using stephan korte’s 3x3 program to help me reach this goal, and some cardio if my body can tolerate it^^

haven’t decided what my goal from june - jan is.

[quote]Hanley wrote:
700-720/500/650 at 242 - single ply, drug free, junior


your an ass hanley… :slight_smile:

I want a 2300 total- so like 870-900/630-660/750-770- at 275 or 308. I want to do APF Sr. Nats this year and maybe one or two other freakshow meets.

[quote]Pinto wrote:
I want a 2300 total- so like 870-900/630-660/750-770- at 275 or 308. I want to do APF Sr. Nats this year and maybe one or two other freakshow meets.[/quote]

gear used?, very impressive none the less just curious im looking to be in those weight classes as i get older and gain more muscle

600/405/600-650 raw at 225. Break into equipped lifting. Actually pay attention to my biceps for once in my life and even out my arms :smiley: (yeah yeah, I know). Like to clean 315.

[quote]bignate wrote:
drop to 250 (267 now)
hit a 4 plate squat
5 plate dead
3 plate bench before im 18[/quote]

this except be 200+ I’m in the low 190s/high 180s now.

i hope to not tear any muscles this year and to improve on my numbers from last year.

may compete in the 308’s this year. if i’m able to break some records in that class, i will have records in three different weight classes.

badass meat

My goals are to total 1100 (500/600) at the push-pull meet in Feb and total 1800 (650-700/500-520/600-630) at the full meet I will be doing in September.