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2009 Fantasy Football Thread


The time draws near... gettin excited.

Busts? Sleepers? Reliables? Best RB? QB? WR's? Top 10's? Get it all up on here and let's win some fuckin money...


I would be wary of Willie Parker at RB. He say's he's never felt better but he can't seem to stay healthy the last two years. He dosen't catch many passes either.Touchdowns so-so. Lots of yards on the ground when healthy though.

Sleeper...Leon Washington of the Jets... If they use him enough.

BTW Profootballtalk.com is my favorite site for football news.

I've been putting off joining a fantasy leauge but my buddy has really been bugging me to join this year. I'm worried it will consume me lol.


I think that Adrian Peterson guy might be worth picking up.


Along with that guy from the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald.


Turner got me a ton of points last year, was a gamble but turned out well. Watch out for Lindel White this year, slimmed down and they always bring him in on the goal line.


Lendale White might be a good 3rd string fantasy RB, but i'd be worried that Chris Johnson might take more of his carries this year because he is a stud.

I really have no idea about all the rookies that are coming in this year. I'd say a sleeper might be Tomlinson. I say this because i see a lot of mock drafts having him go in the 2nd round or so and i think he is good value for a later first round pick. He will get his TD's.

I'm not sure if Tony Gonzalez going to the Saints will make his stock go higher or lower. When he was on the Chiefs he was the go to guy, but there are a lot of weapons on the Saints.

I'd also say don't expect Turner to do what he did again last year. I remember them saying they wanted to give Norwood more work this year.


tony gonzalez went to the falcons...not the saints


Then he would probably be a good choice in my opinion.


When keeping it real, goes wrong...


with roddy white, Tony G. and Michael -The Burner- Turner, that offense is scary. Matt Ryan looked pretty damn solid in his first season last year, he will be even better this season. They might not have much of a defense, but that just means for Fantasy Football, those guys are going to be elite this season too.

I have my eye on roddy white in the second round this season. First pick will have to go to Matt Forte. I am expecting to get a draft spot in the middle on the group.

I think i will take Matt ryan as my QB too, maybe in the 6th round.


Maurice Jones Drew is also a solid 1st round pick-up


My running back choices last year were SICK! Brandon Jacobs, Chris Johnson, and DeAngelo Williams. Too bad my QB started as Tom Brady and was eventually reduced to me picking and choosing leftovers week by week. The one week I had Brett Favre as my best option and did not play him was his 6TD week. BULLSHIT!

I have only played it that one year, but I will say, my best conclusion from playing last year is that QB seems a not so important. RB and WR will make or break you, but most QBs average around the same points with a few outliers. And I hate the Eagles, but their D was stellar for me last year.

Cant wait for football!


I own http://www.adrian-peterson.com baby


JOSH MORGAN BIG SLEEPER THIS YEAR! Crabtree who! Seriously this guy as long he stays healthy will go over a 1000 yds receiving with 7 - 9 tds pick him up!

PIERRE THOMAS - Will make people forget about Bush (reggie that is)

DARREN SPROLES - Will continue his thrashing of defenses as he did in the playoffs.


I don't think he will be around that late, but if so, I would think anyone would grab him then!


I think Sproles would be good to have as a backup, but i wouldn't use him as a starter. Tomlinson will get the majority of carries as well as probably all of the goal line carries. Tomlinson has stated he hasn't felt this good in years so i think he will have a better season than last year.

My bad about Tony Gonzalez. I got bad info from a friend who told me that. It's obvious I need to research the new players or guys on new teams.


Any general advice for newbies to fantasy football? My buddies have been on me to join their league and I finally relented. I have a decent football IQ as a general matter, but have never played fantasy football before. Anyone have any tips? I am mostly concerned with the draft.


get a good kicker early. just think about all those field goals and extra points.


depends on how deep of a league you have, a 14 team league with a flex you could def start him, plus if sproles gets 8 - 10 touches a game any one of those touches he can rip off an 80 yarder


Get your team DEF early as well. Remember, defense wins championships.