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2009/10 NFL Season Thread


I know the season hasn't begun yet but I feel it's time.

I'm a life long Steeler fan so i'll get that out of the way first.

My thoughts so far.

(1) Reggie Bush in done.Those knees won't get better with age.Saints need defense more than him.

(2) Michael Vick should have been picked up by now.The guy can still perform.

(3) T.O. what's Grandma say about playing in cold cold Buffalo?

(4) Andre Johnson is the most complete reciever in the NFL imo.

(5) I hate Tom Brady and the tuck rule. Raider fans got fucked over huge on that one.

Just my random thoughts so far. I may live in hockey country but I love the NFL. As much as I would love to talk shit about the other teams in the AFC north I won't...yet.Go Black and Gold!



My only thought is t's almost pointless to predict anything in the NFL anymore. One freak injury to a critical member of the team during preseason can derail chances for success.


How do you know Vick can still perform? Was he ever really able to perform (as a quarterback)?

Are you still harping on the tuck rule? It's been, like, a million years already.


That's why I didn't make any predictions. Teams have gone winless in the pre-season and then go on to make the playoffs. Remember when the Rams lost Trent Green in the pre-season and most people wrote them off. Kurt Warner? Who the fuck is that. Rest is history. Ya never know.


Vick needs a special system, to maximize his potential. He also is a liability financially to any organization. I would say the Jet's should pick him up because they generally suck every year anyway, but the NY media might be too crazy. How about the texans?

Knees do get better for some people, depends on how much rest and therapy they get. Bush always had the benefit of being a tweener if a team is creative they can always use him.

The colder the weather the more T.O. Drops passes, since he's not getting faster I hope he's working on his hands. still a great target and threat though. He makes it a whole lot easier for the second reciever.

4) I think you missed the Sunday Night Live Hosted by Larry Fitgerald show last year.


I think Reggie will do fine. He isn't an every down back, but he doesn't need to be. He will be the homerun threat and he is quite good at that. He is a great reciever out of the backfield, they just need to stop trying to run him between the tackles.

I'm a denver fan, I am hopeful my team can overcome what has been a horrible offseason. It's going to be an uphill battle, but sometimes events like this can have a positive effect on the whole team, liek rally them together or something. Hopefully our defense doesn't suck again this year, we need to bring in some guys from the orange crush years to give some tips and motivation. Tom Jackson, you listening?

I like the cardinals again. Boldin and Fitz are both monsters and Warner is just a real good passer. The run game and D should be better and thier schedule is kinda soft. I really want the birds to win one, get the monkey off the franchise back.

I only hope Moss and Brady return to thier 07 status if I can somehow draft them both on my fantasy team, if I can't I hope brady blows his other knee out.

Andre Johnson is ONE of the most complete recievers in the game, But Larry Fitz and Calvin Johnson are rediculous in thier own right. Plus if your nickname is Megatron, well you get extra points just for that alone.

Lots of more thoughts but I'll keep it short for my first post in this here thread.



Not as a QB he can't but as a reciever,halfback etc he should. I don't think he ever put two good games together as a QB. Gun for an arm but no touch.

And yes I'm still bitter about that fucking tuck rule. Fuckin' fuckers.


Fitzgerald is the ish!

Used to be a brady hater, now I'm kind of a brady fan, though I'm not a patriots fan. I hope they make it to the playoffs though, so one of my teams can whup their ass!

I'd like to see the bears get some "clear" wins this year, too many close games with them and their blocked field goals and shit...


It's funny how coaches who get paid millions fail to notice really obvious shit like this that every fan, no matter how drunk, can see.


Actually I give my football insight credit to fantasy football. Before fantasy football, I watched the Denver Broncos and the playoffs. I could care less about other teams. Now that I have played FF for going on 6 years, I know all the rosters, I know players strengths and weaknesses. I know how guys should be and should not be used. The game is just so much more fun when you really immerse yourself into it.



I predict that my Redskins will do well early in the season, but their over-reliance on Portis will be their undoing when he eventually and inevitably gets injured. Jason Campbell will continue to play above average, but will once again prove that he isn't a Superbowl quarterback (can't pull off a 4th quarter comeback to save his ass). Colt Brennan will get to start a few games one way or another.


Vick was an excellent passer in Dan Reeves offense he just wasn't set out to be a west coast passer, he has no touch on 5yrd outs. He threw/throws one of the best deep balls in the game. That said, as a die hard Falcons fan I'm glad he's gone, we've got Matt Ryan now and are a more complete team. I loved to watch Vick make the best defenders in the league look like little boys but Matt Ryan is the truth.


I think Vick should be picked up to play an almost Ronnie Brown/ Reggie Bush type player. Have him line up 10 times a game in the wildcat, Have him split out in the slot 5 times and have him in a wishbone with your other rb a couple times. It would be a nightmare for defenses, especially if he would have landed on a team like the vikings. They have to stack 8 in the box just because of AP, if vick was back there as well, none of thier recievers would ever see a double cover again. Not sure how his hands are but if he could catch a swing pass he could be absolutely brutal. Assuming he has the same running ability he did a few years ago. I can't see him being an every down QB though. That expirament was tried and worked the first few years, but D's started teeing up on him and were able to contain him better as they got more used to his playing style. Basically, they knew he was touching the ball every play and had to just commit a defender to him full time.



Similar, but I'm going to give a lot of credit to Madden. The game, that is. Not the guy that I once heard explain the "unabated to the QB" rule by starting off with "unabated...now that's a big word, thats like...'mayonnaise,' that's the biggest word I know."

Seriously, from learning how man vs. zone vs. zone/man defenses work, to whose responsibility a back or WR becomes when a team blitzes, to what exactly a play-action fake is supposed to accomplish, video games go a LONG way in showing somebody who never played organized football just what the hell those guys are going out there. Which, I guess, is why a lot of teams use them for educational purposes these days.

Fantasy is of course great for knowing just who, on teams you don't follow, can hurt you and how when they line up against your team.


Finally the NFL is here. I'm a huge Charger fan and I expect the team to bounce back from a mediocre season last year. Last year all of the experts were picking the Chargers and they stunk it up. This offseason i haven't really heard ESPN say a damn thing about them, so hopefully they are under the radar. With Merriman coming back and Larry English to compliment him, i think the pass rush will help the defense out immensely. I think our biggest competition in the division is the Chiefs, the Chargers always have trouble with them.

For my surprise teams of the year i am going to say the Bengals and Chiefs.

On another note, I was watching a little interview of Jay Cutler talking about how much better the fans in Chicago are than in Denver. He said he gives the fans of Denver a 6 out of 10. I have never been to a Broncos game but have seen many. I think their home crowd is one of the best in the NFL. I wish the fans in San Diego were like that. Man i can't stand Cutler that little whinny bitch.


As long as the Chargers start playing in September, and not in late October, like they did last year, they should be right there at the end.

I don't think they are really under the radar, it's just that there really is NOBODY in that division to give them any competition (at least, thats the perception), so at this point everybody is basically handing them the AFC West crown.

I agree completely, BTW. Chargers 12-4, next best in that division, MAYBE 8-8.


Well i guess i wouldn't say under the radar, but nobody is talking about them at all this offseason. That's the way i like it. Keep all the focus on the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Bills, Bears, and Broncos. All the teams with the drama or are always under the media radar.


Not to be an asshole strungout, but I believe Merriman will ever be the same as before. Unless he gets back on the Juice. I know for a fact he used it his rookie season and until he got caught. In his defense most people use it in the NFL, ala James Harrison for the steelers. After his knee injury and his lack of enhancement which will cause him to be a slightly above average player.
Plus as much as I love Norv Turner, he just aint got the head coach factor, just like Wade Phillips.
I think we are gonna see the Pats do it once again, as much as I hate them.


Most people use steriods in the NFL? I highly doubt that anymore with the way Roger Goodell hands out suspensions these days. I'm not saying Merriman never did them, but i still think he will be a factor when he gets back.

How do you know James Harrison did them?


Packers will win NFC North.

Jay Cutler = Most overrated quarterback in the NFL.