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2008 to 2011


First pic is January 2008.

Next set of pics is July 24th 2009.

Last set is last week on July 24th, 2 years later.




Last week




Weight: 175lbs
Height: 5'10

I worked with Shelby Starnes the past 12 weeks. He is the fucking man and, aside from giving me a killer dietary guideline, the simple act of having to report to him on a weekly basis and send pics made a huge difference in my commitment. This is something I need to learn to do without paying a coach money. I learned a ton and made some great results.

Wheel pics are missing but if they're demanded I shall post them. I just post on here so I have an online record of my journey that I can access anytime, anywhere.

Current plans are to take a week or two off from low calories, low carbs, and lots of cardio. Kinda bloat up, recover physically and more importantly mentally. Then I am going to do another 4 weeks of fat loss assault. Just fuckin' murder it.... after that it will be time to grow and get strong. Priorities are my posterior (triceps, hamstrings and entire back). Chest, delts, and biceps need size too but one step at a time.

Can't wait to eat this winter.


Amazing work I gotta say and you picked the right guy to work with. Keep strong.


Thanks man, good luck with your show. You're looking thick, I hope your conditioning turns out prime.

Shelby Starnes is definitely the real deal and is worth the money. For anyone who reads this who may have the knowledge and drive to achieve results but lack the commitment or discipline I highly suggest looking into hiring Shelby or another coach. It really changes the game and once you see the results that are possible dedication becomes less of an issue.


Good stuff. Some people really just need to find ways to make themselves accountable. When I dieted for my first show, the fear of looking like an idiot in front of everyone who I told about the contest was a pretty powerful motivator for me :slight_smile:



Whenever it came up I didn't hesitate to tell people that I hired a coach, was dieting, and what my goals were. Definitely a huge factor when it comes to really demanding to achieve.


I don-t think you should add any more muscle, at this point it would only ruin your lines. Just refine what you have bwhahahahaha


Great work, well balanced physique, keep it up. My only criticism would be that I am not seeing too much development in the upper back, in specific your traps, also your shoulders could possibly have a little bit more definition but that's just me being a fussy b*****d. Well done.


the current pics definitely aren't doing me any justice, I should put up some flexed and wheel pics. but you're right - my biggest goals are rear delt, rhomboid, and lat width development. been doing lots of pull ups, high rows, and facepulls. oh, and heavy deads of course. hope to post some improvement in a few months.


nice transformation you should be proud of that