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2008 Titan Cup of Champions Results

Heres some partial results (the ones that matter, and that I’ve translated). Link to come soon.

The reemergance of Suslov and Femis. A huge total by Pozdeev who totaled 910 as a Jr. last year, Bondy’s gone to strongman and a Malanichev who looks capable of rolling with Siders.

  1. Andrew Malanichev 130,1 460-295-410 = 1165
  2. Nikolai Suslov 119,65 420-280-362,5 = 1062,5
  3. Lambrionidis Femis 133,65 405-280-372,5 = 1057,5
  4. Alexander Drogobuzhev 117,45 420-287,5-347,5 = 1055
  5. Alexei Malunin 108,65 390-290-362.5 = 1042.5
  6. Andrey Belyaev 100,00 410-260-370 = 1040
  7. Mikhail Mochalov 119,40 390-270-375 = 1035
  8. Igor Gagin 138,70 430-265-340 = 1035
  9. Oleg Gagin 165,05 415-270-325 = 1010
  10. Konstantin Pozdeev 100,70 400-235-370 = 1005
  11. Maxim Korotkov 123,40 400-270-300 = 970
  12. Andriy Reshetnyak 154,00 370-280-270 = 920

Belyaev 280kg Bench

Malanichev 440kg Squat

Apparently this is also an invite only contest, with over $100,000 in prize money.

2,568lbs in single ply gear IPF standards AND a 900lb dealift… Malanichev had a great contest.

Malanichev’s squat would of broken Hamman’s 22 year old record and Tibor Mészáros deadlift record.

Keep in mind none of these are records as the RPF is still under suspension.

some mind-boggling numbers. these ipf suspensions seem to be backfiring and are just giving these guys more time away to get stronger

Why were they suspended?

[quote]TheSolution wrote:
Why were they suspended?[/quote]

Failed drug tests.

One question, not a flame, how much more would Malanichev squat with a monolift + better squat suit? I didn’t see the 460kg lift but 440kg was nice and smooth. Lost for words tbh

[quote]wiiwii wrote:
One question, not a flame, how much more would Malanichev squat with a monolift + better squat suit?[/quote]

why? impossible to really know and the last thing i would want to see anyway. two entirely different events at this point in history. My wild guess would be that if he trained in the same gear and same style as other multiply/monolift lifters he might be in the ballpark of 1200lbs. maybe even more if he decided to juice :slight_smile: