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2008 Iron Man


Came across the results for the 2008 Iron Man that included a nice list of pics as well



No offence, but this is old news.


I didn't post it for the placings. Fcuk who wouldn't know the results by now. I posted the link for the images

Fcuk let me rather just edit my original post


Why do you keep spelling fuck like that?




And another thing, muscular development have pics of nearly everyshow.

If you wanna see pics of a show, go to muscular development, or rxmuscle (new site so will only have recent shows)


My apologies if I came across the wrong way. Just got a bit pissed off coz why would I be dumb enough to post results from 2008. I never saw those particular pics before and just thought of sharing it as there was a nice collection of images. Again, my apologies if they were of no interest

@Paul496 - Shot for the heads up, I am well aware that MD has event coverage and regular view it. Thanks anyway

@Lankymofo - It's just a habit because of posting on another site where the word fuck was censored.