2008 IFBB New York Pro Show

Is there any live coverage of the NY Pro this year?

bodybuiling.com is not covering it this year. Is there any other place to see if Kai Green wins. Other than on the IFBB site after the fact…

Got it…

Not live…


Kai Green got first call out…

Kai Takes 1st!

1 Kai Greene USA
2 Kevin English USA
3 Ronny Rockel Germany
4 David Henry USA
5 Craig Richardson USA

When Kai is on he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I saw a video of him at the Arnold and he looked sick there too. Thanks for posting the pic/results.

Absolutely Sick! (used in the positive not the pejorative.)

I do not know why they deleted my post from here. I was there and it was fucking awesome!

He looks so much like donkey kong on that picture, it’s shocking. sorry

does that make david henry diddy kong? lol. watched kai’s posing routine and the posedown…it was great kai dominated the field.