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2008 Emerald Cup

I went to the Emerald Cup last weekend, and I have to say, that even though I was never a big fan of bodybuilding as a sport, this event really gave me some perspective. I guess the Emerald Cup is the biggest show in the northWest. I got a bunch of free samples of supps, but the coolest part was meeting some of the pros. They completely wash away the stereotype given by society about professional bodybuilders.

I met Victor Martinez and Dennis wolf. Both were curtious, friendly, and down to earth. They seemed like just regular people (except the extremely MUSCULAR RIPPEDNESS part), and it was so strange because you could just go right up and talk to them. This has to be the only sport where you can do that. Anyhow, thought it would be interesting to share.

Below is a pic of me friends flexing next to dennis wolf, i’m the kid in the black with the smiling scrunched up face, and its friggin amazing how he completely dwarfs my arm, even though only PART of his is showing.

Right on man. I bet it was fun. Every pro I have met has been an awesome guy. This sport’s athletes are definitely more fan freindly than other athletes.


Great! I am envious man!

Any more pics of the show?