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2008 A Year In Photographs


I came across these photos today and had to post a link to them. Some of these photographs are absolutely amazing. If you have the time take a look. ENJOY!!!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


These pictures are amazing but I think about the person/people who take these pictures at such devastating times.

I don't know if taking a picture would be my first priority. I suppose it is their job?


Every emotion is represented... and a few pics that defy anything I can put into words.

Thanks for sharing, MU.


Yea, its funny you say that....I was thinking the same exact things on some of these as well!

Yea, pretty much how I felt as well. No problem Iron Dwarf!!!!


some cool and crazy pics


"The head of a male student, still alive, trapped under the debris is pictured"
What the fuck are they doing taking a picture and not moving fucking debris?


Awesome. I didn't know we could do this yet.


I vaguely remember hearing about it. You were probably too busy arguing with some idiot over TBT vs splits, lol


I was wondering how he was controlling it. I think he's got something in his left hand, but that just seems crazy to me.


For all we know, that piece of cement could weigh over a ton. For all we know, that photographer got there and reassured that kid that there was a crane on the way to save his life. For all we know, the photographer left him for dead. (I doubt it.) We. Dont. Know. That's the beauty of photography. Theres no use arguing.

That said, yes, it is their job. That doesnt necessarily mean that the photographer was a heartless asshole who stood around and did nothing.


Thanks for sharing that with us, absolutely amazing photos.


Awesome. Thanks for posting.


The world is a remarkable place.


I saw this on the Discovery channel. He steers the wing by moving his body. He had to be in pretty good shape to do it.



Unreal photo's, thanks for the post.