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2007 RIT Push / Pull

Today we had a great meet on campus.

It was our 2nd USAPL Meet; and it was amazing.

A great bunch of strong badasses showed up and gave it their all.

We had some big numbers pushed and pulled; some state recorded set (by a youth too!!!), and we saw some amazing effort from a Special Olympian!

The pictures are still coming in; but here are some to keep you content for a bit.

Thank you to all involved in the process (lifters, judges, helpers, spectators)

Joe’s Going Large!

My 525 Pull. Thanks for the Shirt Biotest/T-Nation!!! (from all of us)

Just to Show you how we have changed…

damn i really wanted to go… plesse keep these picturs coming…

Sounded like a great meet! I think I noticed Charlie Schroeder was one of the refs, if that was him and & run into him again, please say 'Artie Margulies says hi!"

Nice pull B Rock!

Thanks for the shirt. Good job Brian. Just glad that I am at least in the background of the pictures. Really wish I was prepared for the competition, but I was glad to help.

Nice Meet.