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2007 Mr. Olympia Predictions


Just thought would create this post to get some feedback on who you guys thought was going to place top 5-10 at the olympia.

  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Ronnie Coleman
  3. Victor Martinez
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Melvin Anthony


1: Jay Cutler
2: Victor Martinez
3: Markus Ruhl

err wait.. just kidding about #3, lol :slightly_smiling:

3: Darrem Charles (this is a longshot, but what the hell)
4: Dennis Wolf (also another longshot, but I think he's going to win it all someday)


ya i could deffinately see denis goin places just need to improve the back calves and hams, otherwise 300 pounds off season the man is huge!


Ryan Reynolds

  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Victor Martinez
  3. Brad Pitt

Is this going to be televised or on the internet somewhere? Looking at big buff men flex is one of my favorite hobbies you know.


glad to here it


That thing still exists!


Coleman, just because it will be a "comeback story." People like stuff like that.


I wouldn't count out the Governator....


sorry, wrong pic. That was 12 weeks out...


Coleman said that he is not going to compete in the Olympia next year. If he comes into the O at 95-100%, I contend that he will take the show due to petty politics and their inevitable influence on the judges. Remember, it's not 100% physique that wins the show.


Who's turn is it?

  1. The Fridge
  2. The Gut
  3. Mr. No Calves
  4. Tiny
    5 through 16: broke and lonely


HOnestly, looking at last year's pics, I don't think Jay should have won. Add to that the fact that in many recent pics of Victor next to Jay, the torso and limbs are about the same, but you realize just how bad/ugly Jay's midsection is. Whether Ronnie or Victor win is up in the air, but I don;t think Jay will take 1st in either scenario.

I was at the N.O.C. years ago when Jay won. He looked like shit and there was no way he should have won (the crowd went apeshit, but I dont think it was even mentioned in the Flex write up). A few days later advertisements for the "Joe Bar" come out from Weider,... and Jay's on the wrapper -lol WHo says there's no political BS in bodybuilding.



i completely agree w/ the fact tht jay's stomach is abnormally rotound (deffinately not appealing) but w/ the politics nd shit i think he has the title.

why cant we just go back to the good old days of Arnold and Franco? lol


More fun i suppose, but then someone would come in a bit heavier, but maybe still having a good look to them, say Lee Haney. Then people would start going for mass to keep up with Haney and we'd get big Nasser and Kovacs guys - you know, not winning but impressive size, then a real hard working man would turn up in amazing condition and size but maybe not the most appealing look - lets call him Yates - and wrest the crown from those who thought it was 'their turn'.

It would take a gifted modern day Sergio to rival that, a coleman, but to keep getting bigger he would slowly superzise to the point of looking ridiculous and the only way would be to be as big, even if it means getting a nasty gut - Cutler. Oh well!

Oh, and in the transition there'd be no vacuum poses and kneeling/twisting poses would get worse and worse though the most musculars would blow the crowd away (and some blood vessels).

Something like that!


you know that pic was photoshoped right? I don't think coleman will place top 5 wasn't he battling injuries this year?


tht just about sums it up lol i would have to add i do like levrones physique


This is what I'm hoping, but the O.P's prediction sounds dead on. I wonder how it feels to be Vic. Does he think he'll win? Does anyone? This isn't a flame, but this bout is all about Jay and Ron.