2007 Division I Wrestling Championships

Will anyone be watching the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship on ESPN this weekend? This is what I consider the true March madness and I’m looking forward to several matchups. Any predictions, comments?


My champion predictions:

125: Sam Hazewinkel
133: Coleman Scott
141: Ryan Lang
149: Dustin Schlatter
157: CP Schlatter
165: Johny Hendricks
174: Ben Askren (of course)
184: Roger Kish (I hope), but probably Jake Herbert
197: Max Askren
285: Cole Konrad

I would love to be watching it, but I dont get espn up here so I’m shit out of luck. If anyone knows where I could watch them online it would be greatly appreciated if they could share it.

No idea, but they should have most of the championship matches on youtube by Sunday.

Anyway, it starts today and runs through the 17th. You can follow the matches live at:


Already have it set to record in HD on my moxi…looking forward to it.

No predictions. All it takes is for someone to make a mistake and upsets happen.