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2007 Arnold


Will post my bench routines here for any that have interest as I prepare to qualify later this year for the 2007 Arnold at 198lbs (middleweight).

4/24 High End / Shirt Day


1X10 95
1X10 135
1X8 185
1X6 225
1X5 235
1X3 245
1X3 255
1X3 265

SHIRT (Just started back w/ the shirt a week ago)

1X5 4Board 405
1X3 4Board 475
1X3 3Board 445
1X3 3Board 455
1X1 3Board 475
1X1 3Board 495 (Smoked it)


1X3 435
1X3 440
1X1 445
1X1 455


1X3 365
1X3 385
1X1 395
1X1 405


1X3 495
1X3 515
1X3 525
1X1 585
1X1 605


1 X 25lbs X 30 reps X 3 sets


Volume much?


It is an "abbreviated" version of the Metal Militia template. Many of the guys that follow this routine do more volume. Obviously this works best for an "assisted" lifter as the recovery time is difficult for most. I am 42, so following their typical routine would bury me despite the anabolics. You can check out their 2 day / week routine at www.metalmilitia.net. It is mind boggling.


I have a few suggestions because I am familiar with the MM routine and their training methods.

  1. Don't keep the boards with the shirt! If you are just going to work down until you touch then that's fine but after that then ditch them! They throw off the groove.

  2. The boards aren't really supposed to be a max effort exercise. As I heard from Bill Crawford, they are a "finesse" exercise. To practice the catch and throw of the shirt tech, use 3-5 reps.

  3. Move your grip in to pinkies on the rings for the lockouts. It puts too much stress on the pecs with the wide grip. Other than that keep up the strong work! Looking good.


  1. Am only using the boards with the shirt because I have not shirt benched in over a year due to injuries and want to work my way down over several weeks.

  2. I usually do use the pinkies on the rings for lockouts but I have been getting a bit too much stress in the front delt that I only feel when doing lockouts. Figured I would switch it up.

Thanks for the feedback. Anything else I am not doing that I should be?

I will post my "Low End / Raw Day" on Thursday evening.


what's your name?

you compete at 198, what weight do you walk around most days?

What are your meet and gym PRs?


Jon Ramsey---have only competed in the 220lb class though I can never seem to get that heavy. I walk around normally at around 212lb's though I am now around 200.

Trained at Nazareth Barbell for most of 2003 and 2004....been training at another gym due to proximity to where I live. Moving to New York in 2 weeks as well so will look for another gym as well.

Meet record 555 at 214lbs....missed 583 at the BB4C in 2004 by an inch at the top.


04/28 Low End Raw Day

1 BOARD (Index Finger on ring)

1X10 95
1X10 135
1X8 185
1X6 225
1X5 275
1X3 305
1X3 330
1X3 345
1X3 355
1X5 335

4 BOARD (Pinky on ring)

1X5 385
1X3 395
1X3 405
1X3 405

3 Board (Pinky on ring)

1X1 365
1X1 385
1X1 395

2 Board

1X1 355
1X1 365
1X1 375

3 sets of 25lbs for 30 reps

1 X 30 reps X 45lbs Flat d-bell presses


I plan to be at the Arnold next year too, also in the 198's.
My best meet lift was 575 at 198. I've come close to 600 several times, but I think my shirt has just finally stretched too much. I should be at 600-625 by my next meet in July.
Good luck in your quest.


do you have a seperate day for assistance stuff like upper back work?


Good Luck as well antman....

I do assistance back on a seperate day. It looks like this more or less:

Seated Rows OR Supported Rows


Also 5 sets of pullups to failure, sometimes weighted down by a band. + 3 sets of shrugs(no straps):

1 X 135 X failure
1 X 225 X failure
1 X 315 X failure
1 X 385 X 8-10 reps

Then do a REAL LIGHT shoulder day combined with biceps. Legs of course on their own day.


Antman...what shirt do you use? I have an INzer DD and Carpernter suggest throwing it in the wash and air drying it.


Sorry...it was Rob Luyando that mentions the washing of the shirt. He lifts with Carp so I assume they think alike on this subject.?


I have a double RageX. If I had a DD I would wash & dry it in the dryer on low heat. Air drying won't provide any shrinking effect, neither will washing alone. Polys aren't affected the same way by washing/drying as Denims.


Fill me in on the RageX. Where do you get the most support? How does it compare to a DD?

I have a Phenom that I practiced with once in the gym...hated it.


You'll get a nice even spread of support over the whole chest plate area as opposed to a denim, which mainly provides support at the collar. If interested, I can tell you a few modifications to get done to it for better performance and comfort.


That would be great bro....I have a small waist so I get no belly help and benching real low is not my strength. I need more pop out of the whole...locking out is not a real issue. I am going to Carpenter's meet in August to qualify so I have a little time to work with a new shirt.


May 1st High End / Shirt Day

Close Grip Warmups

1X10 95
1X10 135
1X8 185
1X6 225
1X5 235
1X3 245
1X3 255
1X3 265


1X5 3Board 405
1X3 3Board 465
1X3 3Board 485
1X3 2Board 445
1X3 2Board 455
1X1 2Board 475
1X1 2Board 485

5Board (Raw pinky on ring)

1X3 415
1X3 425
1X1 445
1X1 455

4Board (Raw pinky on ring)

1X3 365
1X3 385
1X1 405
1X1 415

2" Locks

1X3 505
1X3 515
1X3 535
1X1 595
1X1 615

Rope Push Downs

3 X 30reps X 30lbs


May 5th

1st Week of 3 Week Band Cycle

1 Board

(Double Black)

1X10 Bar
1X10 Bar
1X8 95
1X6 115

(Dbl. purple + Dbl. black)

1X5 Bar
1X5 65
1X3 75
1X3 85
1X3 95
1X3 105
1X3 125

(1st time using heavy band tension in over 2 years----kicked my ass)

4B (raw / pinky on ring)

1X5 315
1X3 345
1X3 365
1X1 385

3B (raw / pinky on ring)

1X5 345
1X3 365
1X3 375
1X1 385

2B (raw / pinky on ring)

1X5 335
1X3 345
1X1 No Attempt

Green Band Push Downs



When you're setting up the bands do you run it under the bench? you dont have a pic, do you? Im assuming you cant use DBs like you would with minis.