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2006 Staley Bootcamp


I just signed up for Staley's distance coaching program to guarentee me a spot at the 2006 Bootcamp. Julianne says it will outclass the 2005 bootcamp that everyone is still raving about. I may just make a week out of it and bring the RV down.

This is very exciting for me as I have not had a coach in 25 years and never had a coach that I respected before. Hopefully he will be able to teach this 41 year old dog some new tricks.

Give Julianne a call at(800) 519-2492



dude, this is great! the coaching group is fun! do not miss the calls! Charles is a stud, and we all know that this thing would go NOWHERE w/o Jules!



I definitely want to attend next year. I better start making plans now!

Jules kicks ass!


you know- you guys give me way too much credit. Believe me, I don't have that much power. I have some power, but not that much.Charles is the greatest of all bosses though and none of this would ever go down without him and Rebecca-Julianne



You will never regret it.

Take advantage of everything there. As Bastard said, don't miss the calls.

Use the forum as often as you can. It is without peer as a help and guide to personal progress in training. Most of all, it's fun, and you will learn the value of fun in training.

Come to think of it, I wish Charles would write an article on just that topic. "FIT is for Fun in Training"

You made a great investment.
Welcome aboard.


Be sure to request Barr as a speaker next year! :wink:



I hope that you will be done bulking by then so that you don't take up an entire row instead of just a few seats.

Your laRRgess would be a very welcome presence. Bring your own Pop Tarts and polar bear meat.


Okay, maybe I won't feel THAT bad about missing this year's.

I have to be there next year, and I've been wanting to invest in the distance training.

I'm sure I'll have a job soon so I can afford it!