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2006 Olympia Callouts

I am not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if it has. It is site that I found that lets you compare different competitors in varous poses from this years Olympia. I am not sure what language it is but it is fairly simple to work out.


jay culter is a burnt marshmellow.

he isn’t originally black is he?

Very, very cool.

[quote]texass wrote:
jay culter is a burnt marshmellow.

he isn’t originally black is he?[/quote]

The judges told Jay, after being touted as the major competition to Ronnie for years (to sell magazines), he would finally get the Mr. O. All he needed to do was to make himself black, so that they wouldn’t be accused as racist for crowning “the great white hope”.

Cool link.

Looks like Ronnie had Jay beat in everything except for the lats.

Awesome find!

after seeing these i cant believe Cutler won!! Ronnie deserved it in my opinion

Just my opinion, here is how I had those pics (obviously sometimes they look different live)

Most Muscular - Ronnie
Abdominal - Jay
Side Triceps - Jay barely
Rear Lat Spread - Jay
Rear Biceps - Jay
Side Chest - Ronnie
Front Lat Spread - Tie
Front Double Bis - Ronnie

So pretty close from those pics, Jay’s legs were clearly more defined, his overall size was amazing (he made Ronnie look small in some pics) and his back was awesome, mainly just the progress he made on it. However Ronnie’s arms, especially from the front, are totally dominant over Jay’s, and Jay’s proportions are weirder. Also just to mention I am a Ronnie fan and was hoping he would hit #9 and then retire (and then they could start all over with bodybuilding and actually test it but I guess this is not fantasy land we live in).