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2006 NBA Slam Dunk Contest


Any thoughts? Think AI2 got robbed?



I just know that dunk from behind the backboard was insane.

I haven't watched the dunk contest in years, but this one was entertaining.

I think they need to make it so that you only have a set # of chances to dunk it, screw getting 14 chances, lol.


all i have to say is:
nate robinson-5'9"


I still want to know what Josh Smith was thinking with the tape on the ground.

AI2's dunk was sick, he got so high the first time he hit his head on the backboard and then the second time he had to duck his head a little and still jammed it.

I thought AI2 should have won. Nate took like 14 tries to nail one of his last dunks and that killed it for me, cmon 14 tries. How many chances do they get? It was still impressive to see that he had the endurance to keep going though. I guess he should have the endurance, not only is he a little guy but he is a professional athlete and all...


Yeah and his vert is something like 50 inches!


What about AI's behind the back off the bounce!? That showed up JR Smith big time from last yr.... A sic as the dunk contest performance of AI, his rookie v sophs game was pretty up there too...


What about AI's behind the back off the bounce!? That was awesome...showed up JR Smith from last yr big time. His performance in the rookie game was unreal as well....