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2006 Goals & ?

Greetings all.

I just finished my first full year of powerlifting (plus a month, but hey, it lines up well with the new year).
I’m 6’ 0’’ and 200 lbs at age 34, and my latest maxes (no gear ever) were:

Bench 209
Squat 253
Dead 341

What do you all think would be realistic goals for improvement this year considering my age and such?

Is shooting for Bench 264, Squat 308 and Dead 401 unrealistic?

Not enough? What say ye?

Anyone else here care to post about their goals for this year?

I want to bulk from 216 to 230.

Bench 10 x 3:
245 -> 295
Deadlift 10 x 3:
295 -> 345
Overhead press 10 x 3:
145 -> 175
Squat 10 x 3:
305 -> 365

And learn to power clean.

Setting goals is important…but in weight training setiing goals for your behaivior is much more important…

pick 5 goals…say

get 5 meals a day…
read at least 3 articles a day…
get enough basic restoration…easy workouts on off days, sleep, etc…
fix your posture ans muscle imbalances…

etc etc…

this are things you can control…your lifts will take care of themselves…and you’ll shater whatever expectations you have

have a great year