2006 Goals - I Delivered

2006 Goals: Achieved

Last January, as a 63 year-old bodybuilder, I set some personal goals I wanted to work toward achieving this year:

Train for and compete in as many contests as I can: From February through November, I entered 10 bodybuilding competitions, placing Third or better in all 10 contests.

Win an NPC Open Men’s Bantam Weight Class - In February, I placed first in the Men’s Open Bantam Weight Class at the NPC Atlantic USA Championship in Atlanta.

Better my Third Place finish in 2005 in the Men’s Master 60+ Class at the FAME WNSO World Bodybuilding Championship in Toronto - In June, I placed first in the Class and am the 2006 FAME WNSO Men’s Master 60+ World Champion.

Win a second Best Poser Award - In April I won my second Best Poser Award and in November, I won my Third.

Win a Master Pro Card in a tested Federation - In September, the National Gym Association (NGA) awarded me a Master Pro Card in Atlanta and in November, the International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) awarded me a second Master Pro card in Toronto, Canada

Earn my Certified Personal Trainer certification - On December 28, I passed the course and test and am now a National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) Certified Personal Trainer.

Launch my personal web site: www.BodyBuildingSenior.com has had more than 50,000 visits since I launched it earlier this year.

Turn my hobby into a business: I now run my training and contest expenses through my business, BodyBuildingSenior, LLC. I have a Federal, State and local business license for my web-based business.

Goals for 2007

Train for and compete in at least three Natural Master Pro shows.

Become a contest judge for FAME WNSO/SNBF and the OCB.

2006 was very good to me. I am Blessed. Happy New Year, everyone and God Bless you and your Families.

You, sir, are an inspiration. Kudos on all your hard work, and best wishes for the new year. I love seeing guys with 10 years on me kicking ass.

Thanks for the inpiration. I will check out your web page.

WOW. Excellent accomplishments!

Happy & Healthy 2007 to you!