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2006 FIFA World Cup Draw


The draw was held last night to determine the pools for the 2006 World Cup in Germany... and to no surprise to me, I think the U.S. was hosed by our good friend at FIFA in their draw:


Italy and the Czech Republic in the same pool? I can see being ranked #8 in the world did not do us a damn bit of good. Meanwhile, England, Spain and France got it pretty light (at least in my estimation), while Argentina definitely drew a very tough draw.


I just hope we get to spank the Mexicans again at some time during the Cup.


Ditto. I find it odd that the Mexican fans look down so much on American soccer despite our owning them the last 10 or so matches. They needed to play at Azteca to beat us...


We were about due for a Group of Death. And it's certainly not unmanageable. The Czechs are a bit inconsistent, and in the first game of the WC, anything can happen. Just ask the Portuguese. Likewise, the Italians lately haven't exactly played up to their potential. They're still an excellent team, but they're not unbeatable.


Well we got it pretty bad too.

We play 1. against Brasil. Last time it was 1-1. But will just have to see what will happen in 6 months. Austarlia is like Croatia (my team) in small. They have 7 Croatian player out of 11 on the field. And Japan. Well, all I have to say is KAMIKAZEEEE!!!!

Our predictions are that USA will go in the 2. part of the cup. Just need to be careful with the Czeh do.


Im actually not to concerned about getting through our draw. I think italy is weak, and vulnerable to a well organized, straight forward team. my concern is that if the USA doesnt win its group, weve likely drawn brazil in the next round.


You're still relative new boys to the World Cup. I think performance at previous tournaments and world ranking over the past 3 years was more important than current world ranking in allocating the seeds. The world ranking system is pretty meaningless anyway.

You can't say that England got it that light - Paraguay will be no pushover and Sweden have some quality players. France's group isn't as easy as you make it out either.

Your group may be the "group of death" but if you come out of it then it won't happen again - stop whining and get on with it!!


That is some statement! The Italian defense looks as solid as ever. They have an incredible wealth of forwards to select from AND Gennaro Gattuso is hardly weak.


Easy for you to say since your draw is really NOT that hard. Paraguay will be a light challenge and Sweden is only a challenge in that they give England more of a hard time than any other side.

In addition, our world ranking has been consistently strong over the last 3 years - heck the #8 spot is a drop for us.


Group C is the toughest one. Group E is tough but not as bad, USA should make it to the next round, Italy is not what it used to be.


the US have a chance of making it through. Italy and the Czechs are the obvious favourites to go through, but Italy can bottle it at times, and the Czechs performance may suffer from Milan Baros' inability to look up from the floor.

England should win their group. I know Sweden are decent but fuck that, we're talking about being potential world champions here. There's no way their team matches ours on paper. If we don't win the group it'll be due to tactical fuck ups by sven or players choking on the big day, neither of which is an acceptable excuse IMO.

go to bbc.co.uk/sport and play their predictor game - it's minutes of semi-fun. The way I did it I had England beating the Argies in the final. Might not bother watching the tournament now, it's a foregone conclusion...


I just think that the world rankings don't really mean anything. Correct me if I'm wrong but when was the last time the US beat a "big team". Yes you do win a lot of games but the opposition is often poor. It isn't your fault that you tend to play poor sides in World Cup Qualifying games and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

When you've played big teams, such as Holland, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy or even Turkey you have lost. To me that indicates that you aren't quite deserving of a higher status in world football yet. I do still think that you could have a very successful tournament. The Italy game will be fascinating.

If Lippi can pick the correct players in the correct system then the Azzurri will be very tough to beat. In my (limited!) experience of world cups, no matter how poorly the Italians or the Germans are playing leading up to the tournament, they do tend to be there or there about come the later stages.

I think that most people underestimate Paraguay. They have a habit of making it to the second round. Carlos Paredes looks a superb player too. Manchester United could do (and have done) a lot worse that. Sweden have some exciting forwards too. It won't be as easy as people are suggesting (although I hope it will be!)


The USA obviously have an inflated ranking, something that FIFA recognise otherwise you would be in the seeded teams. As it is Brazil are favorites with England second. Cmon you don't really have the calibre of players to complete with

Ronaldo, Adriano, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Robinho, Dida ?

Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Owen, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Beckham,

and robinson, campbell, neville and joe cole arnt bad either.

I can't believe you say the Itlaians are weak either as you will most likely lose to and finish behind them.

Gatusso, Buffon, Nesta, Maldini, Vieri, Galardino, Zanetti, and PIRLO. How can you justify your comments?


Supporting Spain as I do, I'm not complaining :slight_smile: It's going to be an interesting World Cup and it's not clear Brazil is going to win, I think this is going to be a transitional World Cup for them. But then again, you never know with Brazil, or with England for that matter.

I wouldn't mind an England vs Argentina final, there would be a lot of history there. My English half hasn't forgotten Mexico '86 and "The Hand of God." :slight_smile:


It's also about time spai pulled their weight, although I think it's fair to say that this isn't their best chance ever. Shame Raul isn't the player he was, but thsi could be Torres' tournament. Still their is some world class their.

Casillas, Torres, Joaquin, Garcia,

alonso, raul?


You're right. The U.S. only beats weak opposition. Like Mexico.

We wouldn't want to bring up the results of the Northern Ireland match, would we?


All this trash talk about Mexico has gone on long enough. Last time I checked the U.S. has only beat Mexico once in the World Cup (come on, you really think qualifiers where we're both assured a spot at the big show count? And even there the record's still in our favor), and I won't even go into how Aguirre screwed us up. As other guys have said, you have yet to perform agaisnt the big guns... while Mexico consistently gives them a run for their money. Last I checked, the
U.S.'s World Cup record in Europe wasn't very good... anyone remember France '98... Iran 1 U.S. 0 :slightly_smiling:


now that would be something awesome to see.

as far as standings in the final draw. it's all pretty balanced. in the world stage most of the teams have come up to par as far as talent in their respective countries. just like last world cup all fans will be in for a treat and surprises will everywhere. however, maybe just like the last one Brazil will win or another powerhouse. maybe England or France.
all we know is that this will be the World Cup to watch.


Argentina definitely got the group of death. I saw it coming from a mile away. Do you honestly think that Serbia would have been put into Brazil's group?? Please. That would never happen.

Italy's group is going to be tough. I'm not a big fan of the Azzuri but they should go through. Gattuso is an awesome player. He plays with balls. I do hope the U.S. does spank Mexico. The Mexicans are okay but they are not as good as they think they are. They have so much potential but it seems like they are so stubborn in changing the way they play.

England won't have it easy either. Paraguay is the wild card in that group. They have the potential to beat both England and Sweden but at the same time they have the potential to flop. It will be interesting to see.

I think it will be a good tournament. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I'm Argentinian so I hope they do. It will be interesting to see players like Riquelme, Tevez and Messi in the big show. I just hope they show up.


As a Dutchman I'm not at all worried about our group. in the end to be the world champion you need to be the best.

Plus we have a nice build up, first Serbia, with all respect the weakest of the group. After that we get Cote D'Ivore, a very strong newcomer, and to top it off we get Argentina, a team we have beaten on many previous occassions.

I predict Netherlands - Brazil as final, of course I'm slightly biased :wink: