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2006 California Strongman Challenge

2006 Clovis Strongman Challenge
Team APT is proud to host the 2006 Clovis Strongman Challenge in Clovis, California, April 1st in Old Town Clovis during Big Hat Days which draws crowds in excess of 100,000 people. Big Hat Days is a two day festival that includes 400 booths, Budweiser beer garden, food, live music and carnival rides for children.

Clovis Strongman Challenge will be sanctioned by North American Strongman Inc. There will be four men’s weight classes: 200,231,265, and heavyweights. The top two athletes in each weight class/division will receive an invitation to the NASM Championship competition. The scheduled events that will take place are as follows (events and weights are subject to change):
Farmers walk and tire flip
Truck pull
Overhead log press
Car deadlift
Atlas stones

Watch for updates
PM For Contact Info

Keep posting info and details. I will not play… I will watch and cheer.


I will keep everybody informed it is gonna be alot of fun. If T-Nation readers come into town keep me posted we are gonna have a big dinner and after party for all the athletes, families and friends of the event. If anybody is interested in competing message me and I will send you the entry form.

[quote]Dan Fouts wrote:
Keep posting info and details. I will not play… I will watch and cheer.


Looking forward to reading more about this contest. My dad is considering doing this contest as his introduction into strongman and if he competes, I promised I would compete with him.

Any idea of the weights being used for the heavyweights?

With the event being held with Big Hat Days people that are interested in coming should try to make plans for hotels as soon as possible.

That sounds like a good choice of events and weights. Unless something else comes up I may be there.

Athletic Performance Training (APT) and
Spinal Health Center presents:
2006 Clovis Strongman Challenge
Big Hat Days - Clovis, CA April 1st and 2nd, 2006

On Saturday April 1st 2006 Team APT will be hosting the First Annual Clovis Strongman Challenge. It will be held in Clovis, CA on Big Hat Days. Big Hat Days is annual event in Clovis which draws thousands of people to good food, music, dancing, beer gardens, craft booths and carnival rides for children.

This will be a gold sanctioned event with 4 weight classes:200 and below(LW), 230 and below(LW), 231 and above(HW), and 265 and above(HW). The events are as follows:
Farmers walk and tire flip:
220lb LW, 600lb tire LW
260lb HW, 800lb tire HW
Truck Pull
Overhead log press:180 bar, 200 axle, 220 log, 240 12 inch log LW,
200 bar, 220 axle, 240 log, 260 12 inch log HW
Car deadlift
Stones:220 to 330 LW (5 stones)
240 to 360 HW (5 stones)
Online entry form

This is a big festival and hotels will fill up quick so early reservations are a good idea and here are some hotels in the Clovis and nearby Fresno area.

Best Western Clovis Cole
415 Clovis Ave

Comfort Suites
143 Clovis Ave

Rodeo Lodge
1616 Clovis Ave

Courtyard by Marriott Fresno Airport
1551 North Peach Avenue

Chateau Inn by Piccadilly
5113 East Mckinley Avenue

University Inn
2655 East Shaw Ave

I’ll be there, to watch that is, I’m way too weak to compete yet.

Looks like a fun show - wish I could come out to the west coast to compete.


I’m seriously considering it, as well as my training partner. Would you be offerring a women’s division at all? I know a few women that would be interested.


This year we are not offering a womens division but we are looking at doing one later in the year and including one then. Let me know if you think you wanna compete, it is gonna be alot of fun.

What airport would I fly into? I am looking at coming from Phoenix and seeing what the cost of the trip would be. My buddy would be in 200 under class and I would be LW. Are they lifting the same weights?


You would fly into Fresno Yosemite International airport and the contest is 5 mins away. You two would be lifting the same weights for the event. Let me know if you have any other questions.

[quote]Josh Henkin wrote:
What airport would I fly into? I am looking at coming from Phoenix and seeing what the cost of the trip would be. My buddy would be in 200 under class and I would be LW. Are they lifting the same weights?


I just wanted to tell everybody that came for the event and people who helped thank you very much for coming and helping us with a new event. We are very happy with the way it turned out and thankful strongmen from all over took the chance and came here… We look forward to seeing you guys again and cant wait till next year.

I just wanted to add, this was an awesome time. My first strongman meet and even though I got my butt handed to me on most of the events I had a blast and I’m coming back next year to win it :slight_smile: Excellently organized, the weather turned out great, I got a bag of free stuff and got to play with some strongman stuff. The organizers and athletes were all great guys (and gals where applicable) and it was definitely worth the drive down. Awesome job guys.

Any pictures?

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
Any pictures?[/quote]

I was hesitant to post any because I look like im about to blow my colon in all of them. Heres one though, its a roughly 13,000 lb rv I think, and I finished it, took 2nd to last I think but hey whatever, i think I actually got credited with a faster time than I did which bumped me up into 5th out of 8 instead of 7th out of 8 but whatever.

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
Any pictures?[/quote]

Beginning of farmers walk/ tire medley I got my ass handed to me time wise but Im happy, i finished the 100 ft farmers walk (its 220 lbs in each hand and I weighed in at 168) just got killed on the tire is all, but lots of people didnt finish that

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
Any pictures?[/quote]

The car deadlift, car I guess weighed roughly 3,580 People said it felt like 500-600 in the hands. This is the only event I did REALLY well on, I tied for first in my division with 7. I still look like im gonna blow my organs out and probably just did well cuz im short and have longer than average arms, but im happy.

The actual weight of the Rv was 19,400 and you did really well for a newbie and you should be really excited. I wont lie you surprised me and alot of the guys with your performance on the car deadlift. Next year will be a very big event and look forward to having everybody there again. Will you send me some of your pics and we have the professional photographer giving me a dvd this week so I can add the pics online.