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2006-2007 Fantasy Football Thread


Is it me, or do you just start to itch come mid summer. With the NFL on the way, it has been way too long but it is almost here, Fantasy Football baby!! I feel like I am a crack addict every time the fantasy football season ends. Mandatory rehab since I cant do fantasy baseball or any of the other shit. Well, I did do World Cup and Tour de France but doesnt hold a candle to football.

So here it is, the official Fantasy Football thread. Lets share some opinions and thoughts and just shoot the shit football wise.

I am in four leagues this year. We already drafted in my big boy keeper league (10), 750 entry, 5 dollars a transaction. I did pretty well in the draft. After some nifty trading, I came away with Eli, Edge, Dunn, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, R. Wayne, Driver, Holt, McCardell, McMichael and Winslow. Throw in the Bucks D and I am pretty solid. We start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST and a flex WR/TE.



Damn in a league of 10 you got a pretty solid team... I also am addicted to Fantasy Football, and also Baseball, which is great because that mean's I've got a fantasy team of some sort almost year round. Our football draft isn't for a while I don't think but I gotta check with the guy who usually runs it.
I will be posting on this thread pretty frequently once my league and the season starts up.


It is a magical time of year! Hmm, I am smelling a potential T-Nation Fantasy Football league on Yahoo! or something...

AA - 4 leagues??? They have 12 step programs for that kind of thing, ya sicko!


Yeah man, good idea. With all the threads going up daily, I was suprised to not see a FF thread.

4 leagues brother, I was in 6 last year and was Da Commish in 3, I am telling you, my work was really interferring with fantasy, those fuckers! So I cut it back some but the ones I kept are pretty intense.


I was going to start this thread a couple of days ago! I'm glad someone else did because I got busy at work and forgot.

AA - not a bad draft and your team looks pretty good. I think LenDale White might be a sleeper this year. I would like to pick him up.

I'm in a yahoo league with a couple of my friends and trying to get into another league. This is going to be my second year playing and i'm freakin' hooked. Last year I took my league quite easily. I put together an amazing team. My only weak point was QB. They kept getting hurt.

Here was my team.

QB - Bulger, Warner or Roethlisberger
RB - Alexander, D. McAllister
traded McAllister a week before he blew out his knee for Hines Ward. Also picked up Larry Johnson at the beginning of the year off the waiver wire. So at the end of the year I had Alexander and L. Johnson running for me. Not bad eh?
WR - Chad Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Hines Ward, that's a stud WR core.
TE - Todd Heap
K - does it matter
D - I had the Bears and Indy. Both D's scored me some huge points!

So, i've got to defend my title this year. I would be in if anyone wants to start a T-Nation Yahoo League. Just lemme know.

So, who is everyone's Top 5?

  1. Larry Johnson
  2. Shaun Alexander
  3. L.T.
  4. Clinton Portis
  5. Tiki Barber


Yeah I was happy with how it turned out. This is a keeper league and the penalty is the round the player was drafted in plus two. I kept Dunn b/c I drafted him in round 7 last year but that meant I did not have picks in rounds 7 and 9. So the guy who kept LT lost his first and third round picks.

I had the fourth overall pick and I did not like what would fall to me so I traded my first and third for the first overall and took Edge (Shaun, LT, LJ, Portis, Tiki, etc were keepers). I ended up with Edge and my 3 WR's by pick 40 so that turned out nicely. Bush and Eli fell to me in rounds 5 and 6 and I think I got a steal with LenDale White in round 11, worst case scenario I stash him and make him my keeper next year.


Haha, yeah man, work gets in the way off shit. I like the CBS sportsline leagues much better. They have got some pretty cool stuff on there.

My top 10: (after Roaf went down and Steve Smith pulled a hammy)

  • Shaun
  • LJ
  • LT
  • Port
  • Edge
  • Tiki
  • Rudi
  • Steven Jackson
  • Caddilac
  • Ronnie/Peyton/Steve Smith/TO

Depends on league format and scoring but my leagues have been RB heavy. The Shaun/LJ thing is tough with Roaf going down, LJ did average 150 during the games Roaf was out last year and there is the madden curse....I still would prob pick LJ. I know my Edge pick is higher than mosty experts picks but I like what Edge can do in AZ despite the questionable O-line.

LJ as a free agent? Wow, dude you got a steal there. Guy in my league drafted him in 6th round last year so he made him his keeper and only lost a 6th and an 8th round pick. Fucker.

I like White, I could not believe he was there in round 11. In the expert mock drafts he went in rounds 5/6. Even if he needs a year to get it together, he would make a cheap keeper with great potential.


I would like to get in a keeper league on of these years. They sound like a lot of fun.

So, i've been tinkering with my top 25 and here is my first draft. What do you guys think?

I also have Edge higher than most people and agree with you that he probably will do well in Arizona.

Your Rankings
1. L. Johnson
2. S. Alexander
3. L. Tomlinson
4. C. Portis
5. T. Barber
6. E. James
7. L. Jordan
8. R. Johnson
9. P. Manning
10. S. Jackson
11. C. Williams
12. R. Brown
13. B. Westbrook
14. T. Owens
15. S. Smith
16. C. Johnson
17. D. Davis
18. L. Fitzgerald
19. T. Holt
20. A. Gates
21. M. Harrison
22. A. Boldin
23. R. Moss
24. J. Jones
25. H. Ward

On first glance does anyone think that I should add another QB?


Some have Tom Brady among the top 25, I am not a big believer but as with the other players, it depends on your scoring format. He went 8th in my league but this guy is a moron and did have Lamont already as his keeper.

I think Peyton is behind Cadillac and Steven Jackson, I like Boldin better than Harrison but as an FSU fan, I am biased there. I do not like Dom that high especially since his knee is still swelling up. I would not touch Randy Moss, I have traded for him the last two years and got burnt. I dont see McGahee but I am not big on him and after all, he is a Miami guy. I think you have Westbrook too high. I would go top 3 WR's before I would go Westbrook.


I joined this new league this year, pretty big money, got some people from different parts of the country and we meet in Atlantic City in two weeks and hold the draft in the Hooters, Trump Marina.

So we did the draft order the other day and I got the first overall pick, 10 players. So this dumbass goes, hey I will trade you my first and second round for the first overall pick. I did not even check to see where he was drafting and made the deal. It turns out he has the third overall pick so I get Shaun or LT instead of LJ and the 18th overall pick. I am loving it and of course the other guys in the league are saying WTF!

I will take my chances with picks 3,18,20 and 21, four of the top 21 picks, money coming.

Also in this league you dont play head to head, its total points scored at the end of the season. Payout is 2,000 first place plus 50% transaction fees.


I would be interested in a T-Nation FF league. I have never played anything but performanced leagues but am quite addicted to it, takes up my whole Sunday every week. I went the backup RB route last season and LJ single handedly won me my league. I won by less than 10 points in the superbowl. I took LJ in the 6th and got the holy hell reamed out of me by my friends, especially the guy who took Priest 5th overall.

The rest of the backups where, Anderson, Moore, Davenport, and Wille Parker off of waivers. I also had Holt, Gates, Delhomme, L. Jordan. It was not the greatest team I have put together but was solid and consistent thoughout the whole season. PM me if a league forms on T-Nation.


Yeah, FF is like crack ..... I have (so far) limited myself to one 12 team league at NFL.com. Draft was last week and my lineup is:

QB: Carson Palmer (yeah it's a risk)
QB: Mark Brunell
RB: Cory Dillon
RB: Willie Parker (my darkhorse pick)
RB: Kevin Barlow
RB: Thomas Jones
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
WR: Plaxico Burress
WR: Derrick Mason
TE: Algae Crumpler (the best name in football)
TE: Dallas Clark
K: David Akers
D: Jaguars
D; Bengals


Yup, this is just a first draft and i'm playing around with it more and more.

I pretty much agree with everything you said.

I do think Moss will have a good year this year though. They have a better QB in Brooks than Collins. In my opinion. If he can stay healthy I think he will post his usual big numbers.

I actually don't like Dom at all and I think i'm going to take him out of the list completely.

I had McGahee last year, actually traded for him and I never started him. He's just hasn't proven himself yet and he's on the Bills. Nuff said right there.

I will drop Westbrook because he doesn't seem to score enough.

Anyone hear any news over the weekend?


Damn, now that's a league that I need to join. Drafting at Hooters, wow, that will be rough! LOL

And I can't believe that guy would even make that trade. You definitely made out better in that deal. You are sitting pretty with those picks. Good luck!


Thanks brother, I think I made out well. I will be thinking of you guys when there are hooters all around next Monday. The commish told me that there are some big spenders in this league and this is the fourth time they hold the draft at that location. They always bring in the best girls for that day to wait on them b/c they know they will get their monies worth.

I know it will be difficult to concentrate but while these other geezers drool over boobs and get lit, I will make sure to draft a bomb squad.


What do you start?

Not a bad squad but I think your RB's need some work. You have one bonifide starter and three question marks if you ask me. I like Parker and they just said he would get some goal line carries as well which really helps his value. What was your draft position?

I love Fitzgerald and Boldin, Edge and Warner fantasy wise.


I am still not sold on Moss. Collins probably throws one of the best deep balls in the league, I dont think he was the problem. Moss just could not get off the line so unless he is 100% healthy, I stay far away from him. Brooks' mobility should open things up a bit though.

Did you see the game last night? Westbrook and McNabb looked solid. I know its a preseason and I am still not a believer but he may be worth another look. Especially if you are in a league that awards points for receptions.


I don't think Moss is a number 1 receiver obviously. But I would definitely pick him up as a No. 3 guy. But I know what you are saying.

I missed the first couple of series of the game because I had a flag football scrimmage. But I caught the rest of it. I turned it on about midway through the first quarter and a tear rolled down my cheek. It's good to have football back on.

I then heard Madden and Michaels talking about T.O. and the tear instantly dried up and rage started to take over. I got so freakin' sick of everyone talking about T.O. yesterday. The guy isn't even playing on either team and he's all everyone could talk about last night. Please, for the love of Pete, let go of the T.O. thing. Ok, for me please?

Sorry about that mini rant. With all that said, I would still take T.O. on my Fantasy team in a heartbeat! haha

The problem with Westbrook is he doesn't find the endzone enough. Sure, he'll get his yards via carries and catches. But he just doesn't score very often. And personally, I like McNabb and would be very happy to have him as my starting QB. Gotta love the pass happy offense in Philly.


I don't understand why a league would run their draft so early? Important players get hurt in the preseason too.


Dude, tell me about it. It is crazy. I have three drafts in the next two weeks but my first draft was 2 weeks ago. Da Commish in that league is an addict I guess and he likes to draft early. I got totally screwed up last year, I picked Javon Walker in the third round and he went down in the first pre-season game.