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2005 Fit Expo

I competed at the 2005 scot mendelson bench at the fit expo in Pasadena. We had a total of 11 competitors. The day before the USPF powerlifting meet had 16. That is sorry numbers. Well what does that say for the sport of powerlifting. Not good. Just venting a little here

What were your numbers?

Did you have any good lifts?

I think Dave Tate touched on just how few people trained in a powerlifting fashion and even fewer actually competed.

I compete and everyone of my friends and family thinks it’s insane to force my body into a suit that’s to tight, but an incredible (though puny I think) amount of weight on my back or over my chest and try to lift it without getting killed or seriously injured at the least.

I think most people view powerlifting in the same freakish vein as pro bodybuilding. A group of people doing things most won’t. Though everybody oh’s and ah’s for some jackass that just ran a marathon!