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2003 Worlds Strongest Man


Just a reminder that the final is going on RIGHT now.

Here's the list of the competitors:

Mariusz Pudzianowski, Geoff Dolan, Zydrunas Savickas, Magnus Samuelsson, Raimunds Bergmanis, Jarek Dymek, Hugo Girard, Vasyl Virastyuk, Svend Karlsen, and Jessen Paulin.

Two Canucks: Dolan and Girard. No Americans. ;-(

My money's on Mariusz with Girard a close second.


Mariusz is a beast.

That is all.


Yay Canadians! Why no americans? I seem to remember quite a few good american SM.


I wonder how many serious competitors the USA would field in the WSM contest if there were no NFL?


Who said Canadians are pussies? :slight_smile:


As far as no americans, what is the money like?

That may be a factor.

Also of course the plethora of other things for big people in america to do.

Final reason is because sully just doesnt want to gain that much mass..



Saturday,September 27,2003
WSM Finals: Day 1 Points
Defending champion Mariusz Pudzianowski leads after the first day of the WSM finals. Pudzianowski has 20 points, followed by Savickas, 18 points, Virastyuk, 16 points, Samuelssson and Bergmanis, both at 12 points, Karlsen, 9 points, Dymek and Dolan, both at 5 points, and Paulen, at 3 points.


Anyone have any info on when the TV airings are?


Oh sure, I just gotta gain like 85 lbs. I'd look sweet at 5'10 and 285!


You'd look like a bodybuilder.


Would that not be three Canucks? Hugo Girard, Geoff Dolan and Jessen Paulin are all Canadian if I am not mistaken.


I'm from Quebec so...

Go Hugo Gerard!!!!

Anyone else thinks, altho he's one strong sob, that polish guy looks more like a bodybuilder than a strenght athlete?!


Oh yeah and go jessen too


From Ironmind again:

Sunday,September 28,2003
WSM Finals, Day 2: Paulen Wins the Hercules Hold, Samuelsson Wins the Stones and Pudzianowski Increases His Lead

Jessen Paulen got off to a great start at WSM today, winning the first event, the Hercules Hold, and Magnus Samuelsson followed up by winning the Atlas Stones, but the day's biggest winner was Mariusz Pudzianowski, who increased his overall lead. After four events, total points are: Pudzianowski: 38, Savickas: 28, Samuelsson: 27, Bergmanis: 23, Virastyuk: 22, Paulen: 22, Girard: 17, Karlsen: 16, Dymek: 15, Dolan: 13.


Newest update from Ironmind:

Without the official points, there is still a shadow of uncertainty, but Mariusz Pudzianowski appears to have won the 2003 WSM title. Pudzianowski is said to have won both events today, leaving him with not only a near-sweep of all the events so far, but even more important, he appears to be incapable of losing the title tomorrow, which features one event: a farmer's walk. If the official points are released, this can be confirmed, but for now, if the rumors are true, Mariusz Pudzianowski is the WSM 2003 winner, even if he did it a day early!


It's OVER. Here's the official news from Ironmind:

Hardly on anyone's short list after the qualifiers, Mariusz Pudzianowski wasted no time making everyone believers once the finals started. Pudzianowski dominated the 2003 WSM contest in a manner that will have heads shaking in disbelief for quite some time. Zydrunas Savickas finished in second place and Vasyl Virastyuk in third place. The final placings were: 1) Pudzianowski 2) Savickas 3) Virastyuk 4) Samuelsson 5) Bergmanis 6) Dymek 7) Girard 8) Paulen 9) Karlsen and 10) Dolan. Be sure to watch the WSM TV show when it airs in December.

Now, this also means that the 2003 Worlds Strongest Women is over (was being held at the same time). I'll see if I can find the results.


I feel proud to have Pudzianowski as my background.


I repeat: Mariusz is a beast.

That is all.


This has just been aired in England over the Christmas period. Mariusz is awesome. I think he could've won every event if he'd wanted to. He was still competitive even though he'd won.

What was the prize money for Mariusz..?

Also a number of the contestants were described as "Professional Strongman", I guess you can make a living from all the events around the world.

I've been watching WSM since I was a kid but never really though about the weight that they were moving.. How does the strongman of today compare to that of ten years ago in terms of strength, and also the events.

I thought Geoff Dolan was very good and also Vasyl Virastyuk. Vasyl was very confident although I don't think he'll beat Mariusz next year though.

Mariusz is still only 26 so he's got a lot left in him. I think he'll be a dominant force in WSM for some years to come. All the other competitors said that he could be the greatest.



ESPN2 ran WSM all day yesterday and I saw bits and pieces and then watched all of the finals from Victoria Falls last night.

I agree, Mariusz is a beast. Almost 300#s at 10% or so.