Anybody watch the Mr. Olympia last night? Ronnie Coleman won. Jay Cutler got runner up. Anyone have any thoughts on this. If your interested in checking out some crazy ass pictures of these freaks , go to flexonline.com. These guys are huge.

I checked out the pics this morning. Is it me or does Ronnie have some pretty serious gyno? He had it last year too if I remember correctly. Why doesn’t he pay the 2 grand and get that shit fixed?! He also looks like he’s friggin pregnant with that mid-section. He’s one truly massive dude, but that gut has to go. IMHO Jay looks a bit more aesthetically pleasing with a tighter gut while being pretty much identcal in size to Ronnie. Of course, the pics never do these guys justice so who knows what they actually looked like in person. I’m not a die-hard fan of BB as a sport, but it’s fun to talk about…

I saw the show, here’s a few thoughts:

Ronnie was back to his form–no one was close to him. His abs looked more defined than in recent memory and his glutes were as shredded as usual. Not to mention ridiculous size and shape.

I think Dexter Jackson should have beat Jay Cutler. Jay was very big, but he’s been in better condition, most notably his abs weren’t as deep as they were in 2001. Dexter, on the other hand, has crazy shape and Flex Wheeler’s cartoon-like muscles.

Kevin Levrone, though a surprise, didn’t look good–small and no legs.

Gunter didn’t look nearly as good as last year.

Dennis James looked great from the waist up, but his quads were missing. So were Jay Cutler’s, who’s normally known for his quad sweep–I thought they were smaller than in the past.

And, what is up with Physical TV’s broadcast? They put on the most unprofessional production possible. Their host, Amato, has no business hosting anything! It was bad.

More notes: Cormier didn’t compete, and Troy Alves has one hell of a physique–dense, thick, and well shaped.

Waste of $30, but I was curious.

Wow, Ronnie Coleman won again. What a shocker.

I used to be so into all the contests and bodybuilders. I think it’s such a joke now. I guess it comes with maturing.

These guys don’t look good anymore. There so huge they can’t even think of wiping their own asses.

I’m more into the look of a Pavel Tsatsouline more, than some juiced up roid monkey that probably couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs.

I’m all about the go muscles rather than the show muscles.

is it just me or do these guys look like total idiots? i have a feeling a few of them are going to die soon…

How it should have went

  1. Ronnie Coleman (just said a new standard in bodybuilding)
  2. Dexter Jackson
  3. Jay Cutler

holy shit did you check out those “women”??

Any thoughts? Of course Ronnie won. He was the right Weider connections and I believe he also won the Arnold. Being a cop he gives the IFBB an aura of respectibility it would not otherwise have. After all, cops don’t use steroids and other such drugs, and Joe says his boys are clean.

while being pretty much identcal in size to Ronnie. [/quote]

What show were you watching? Ronnie dwarfed Jay.

And Ronnie hasn’t been a cop for a few years now.

Anyone who says that Ronnie wasn’t the deserving winner does not know bodybuilding.

Dennis has no legs?


there is NO fucking way a ‘normal’ human being can/should look like that. They must be connected to IV pouches filled with juice. every year they get more and more ‘mutant’.

although i’ll admit it is pretty amazing to look at.

just my 2cents

btw any of these guys mentioned in the most current deal pool?

Usually, the pics from bodybuilding show don’t do the competitors justice because all you have to compare them to is each other. As opposed to see them standing next to, say, me. From the pics at Flex, Ronnie just blew everybody else off the stage. To see that much difference betwen him and the number two guy is simply astounding to me.

Those are some crazy ass lats

This is just absurd. Their size is really freaky yes, but it gets really freaky when you realize how low their bodyfat is and how little water they have in their systems.


Yeah…I agree RocketLax and Tony Triceps…the guys are freaky wild…
Ronnie Coleman just pulled away into the stratosphere from everyone else. He supposedly weighed in at 287 at 5 10"!! That is incredible…and he looked it! He has moved into MUTANT designation…not human anymore.
I go back to something that came up over a year ago on here about Ronnie: Everyone uses all the anabolics they can in the pros. They pretty much use the same gear. It comes down to genetics. Ronnie competed drug free for a few years as a pro and that is unheard of. When he DID decide to use…the genetics just allowed him to pull away from the pack!
No one can touch him. He has set a new standard…whether you like drugs in sports or not!!!

in that picture of ronnie coleman doing the lat spread, i don’t know if it is just me, but he doesn’t look human. he seriously looks like he is from a different species. this is not a post in which i am joking, he seriously does not look real. do people really like this stuff? it seems only interesting to look at these guys like freaks. i am sorry to be disrespectful, but looking at those bodies to me is no different that looking at a man with two faces, a third arm, or a bearded lady. what the hell has happened to bodybuilding. I realize mass wise these guys blow away arnold but none of them can compare to his look in my opinion.

That is absolutely crazy. Someone post some other pics of Ronnie

Thunder: Dennis certainly has legs–big, humongous, freaky legs…but, compared to how I’ve seen them before,compared to his upper body and next to Ronnie’s ridiculous quads, they looked less developed. The picture you’ve posted makes them look great, but watching the show, I noticed a number of times how top heavy he looked. Jay too, and to say Jay has weak legs is just nuts…but I think they weren’t at their best last night.

About Ronnie: he’s just gone to a whole new level. His size is crazy–just lumps of muscle hanging off his body. When most guys do a lat spread, their traps disappear–not Ronnie, they’re swallowing his head! His gut is still an issue, and his gyno is back (in 98 it was bad, then it was fixed, now its back), but he is still growing like a weed.

Hey, Thunder, I read earlier in the week that he was 293 the week before the O. During the show, however, they listed him at 258, despite announcing several times that he has gained 30 lbs from last Mr. O. I know last year he was about 247…so what gives? Thought you might know.