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2002 Suzuki Hayabusa

After a shitty day at work (shitty wk) my wife just informed me that she put the down payment on a new 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa (1300)and I can go pick it up Monday. Merry CHRISTMAS!! Damn, where is a squat rack when you need it. My test is so high right now I could squat a house. Hope everybody’s Christmas is as great as mine has already been!! LOL

I would hate to be a mouse trying to survive under your bed tonight! Have fun Monday.

Yea, Yea, That’s what she got me last year, she’s getting me a boat this year…WelCraft I think. Maybe you’ll get a boat next year…I am shooting for the car myself. I guess she just likes me better :wink:

A few too many cc’s for me! I will stick to 600cc’s or less.

Congratulations. Bike is definitely one of the must-have big boys’ toys. Got one myself last summer, Kawasaki ZR-7. Take a look at http://axy.purger.com/PIC00007.jpg.

axy nice bike. That is a big saddle bag on it. Do you do any long distance riding?

Yes, I bought it last summer and did a few longer tours. You have to realize that I live in a small country :),and I am close to the border, so if I go 20 miles to the west or 150 miles to the north, I leave my country. :slight_smile: My ex. girlfriend was 450 miles away in another country so I used to drive there over the weekends during this summer and fall. Btw. no such thing like too many cc’s or hp. ==:-)

I sent my wife a link to this post and another to the Harley I want. I hope she gets my subtle hints.

DAYUM! A new bike for Christmas? Shit! I want one too!