2000lb Raw Total Video Log

Hi all, this thread is a log of my training/diet leading up to a 2000lb total by Christmas 2017. I’m 23 from the UK and have been training for 7 years now, mainly training on a powerbuilding/upper lower split and try to eat as much food and rest as I can.

Heres my split:
Tues - Upper (Bench/Shoulder)
Sunday - Lower (Squats or Deads/Back)

So a very simple split and very simple programming but simplicity is king for getting big and strong

Current: 430lb Bench, 666lb DL, 610lb Squat

Current lifts:
430lb Bench
666lb DL
610lb Squat

Here some benching from the other day. 315lb x 16/275lb x 22

Tutorial video on how to gain a ton of strength

Good Bench session today:

Paused Close Grip 142.5kg (320lb) x 5 x 5

Flat hammer press 100kg (225lb) x 3 x 6

Nice pump

Really surprised your bench isn’t a lot higher I could probably hit 315 tng for 6 maybe 7 on a great day and max 390 tng. I would think you could easily go 465+