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2000 Raw Total @ 242 @ 22 Years Old


This is my friend Kade Weber.

I wanted to post this video because it's some of the best lifting I've ever seen, and at 22 years old he's 80lbs off the all time record.

I know Kades personal story because I was there for a lot of it. He started lifting around 15 years old, and my friend Anton saw potential in him. Anton was a very smart guy and gave Kade sheiko programs and Kade just did what he was told to do because Anton was the strongest guy in the gym. so for years, he just did the powerlifts over and over, not bothering with fluff and fancy exercises. He started around 170 pounds.

I met Kade in 2008-09 and we were about the same for a few years, we'd train together and push each other. But I wanted to do my own thing, try strongman, yadda yadda, and Kade would just do what his coaches told him.

Fast forward to 2010 Kade squats 585 for the first time, and used the peaking program Russian power that his coach Willie Albert put him on, he missed a 700 deadlift at the knees. He's 242 now.

2011 he goes about 640-450-750

2012 he goes 700-500-800 with an 800x3 pull in the gym.

I've learned all about Kades training, and now I'm doing what he did to get where he is, I sincerely wish I would have started a lot sooner.


What does a typical non-peaking training week look like for him?


That's insane. Amazing, thanks for sharing that. Really just goes to show what simple programming and lifting can do for an individual.


Wow, that squat was deep!! Good job!


Very smooth lifting. It'll be interesting seeing how far he can push it.


I have been contemplating giving Westside a break and running a training cycle of Sheiko... and I am pretty sure after seeing this I have become motivated enough to do it right after Christmas.


I have been contemplating giving Westside a break and running a training cycle of Sheiko... and I am pretty sure after seeing this I have become motivated enough to do it right after Christmas.


What is this exactly? I'm familiar with Sheiko, but I'm quite curious what this peaking program looks like.


right now we all think 800/600/900 ... he's amazingly injury free, and can retain gains like no one I've ever seen, plus he simply has no ego and lets himself rest.


check this out man.


Basically you take your 80% and build from 6 sets of 3 to 6x6, then you go 85% for 5x5, 90 for 4x4, 95 for 3x3, 100% 2x2, 105% 1x1

I've tried it twice and burned out, the only way I can make it through is to lower my squat and deadlift max at least 20lbs, bench is fine though.


Sheiko is voodo man. It looks so light that I never wanted to do it, but it's so much volume you're exhausted. Every set cuts off right before you really get tired, so you can always strive for perfect technique.

Let me know if you start and I'll let you know a good order to do the programs. I've got a good spreadsheet you just put your maxes in and it tells you what to do.



I know I didn't write the original post, but I'm interested in info you have about Sheiko.


I won't intrude on Larry10 here, still ask and PM him about Sheiko, but I'm running Sheiko now, and have been for several months, so stop by my log if you want to see it in action!


Hey Dave, go right ahead and intrude, you're not going to hurt my feelings and I'll likely learn something

mmatt - what info are you looking for specifically? if you're looking to try the program, google sheiko 29 and find a good english version, start with that and get ready to have your head blown off, it looks light, but man is it difficult.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask at any time.


Mainly how to progress with the programs.


The "standard" progression seems to be 29-37-32 with a meet at the end of 32. That's what I was recommended when I started doing Sheiko.


My opinion is that 29 is junk unless you're brutally under trained and have zero work capacity. Actually, you should probably start there if you aren't used to lots of frequency and volume. That being said, I haven't really analyzed which program is best for which lift. 29 might very well be good for a certain lift (eg deads)

I've run 29-30-31-32 and I'm in the middle of running 37-30-32.

I'm not a huge fan of running the full 32. The first week is a test week (skills evaluation). If you think you can benefit from it, then do it. I prefer just doing the last two or three weeks of 32 instead of the full four.


Do you mean what order, or how to increase training maxes, when to rest, etc?


Yes to everything haha.


Thanks for sharing that man, I'm actually doing 29 after doing a program based entirely on singles that a friend of mine thought up, so my work capacity is total shit right now, lol, I lowered my squat max 50 lbs and my pull 20, and I still find it difficult, haha.

I've actually done all the programs for bench, now i'm going back and doing the full thing, but I split it up over 6 days instead of 3, so monday squat, tuesday bench, wed - deads, thurs bench, fri-squats, sat-bench... I just like being in the gym 6 days a week