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2000 lbs. Raw Total Brought to You by 5/3/1


Hey Fellas!

My name is Ben Seath. I am a 21 year old Raw Powerlifter who is sponsored by AnimalPak. I am have been using the 5/3/1 since January 2010 almost 2 full years now and my lifts are still going up! I just recently hit the best meet of my life!

Squat 859.7
Bench 485
Dead 655.7 ( Yeah not a very big dead just a bad day. Next meet I want 725)
Total 2000.4
Video of that meet:

My Next Meet will be December 10th 2011 West Coast Open Powerlifting Championships in Newport Oregon. It will be my first Money Meet. I will be giving my Goals for this meet in 2-3 weeks going to see how training goes.

I will be posting my training on these days
Sunday: Standing Military Press
Monday: Deadlift
Wednesday: Bench
Friday: Squat


Oh snap! This forum just got a whole lot manlier :wink:


And Sexier lol


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Deadlift Monday!

Right now I am still doing Heavy low rep not back on the 5/3/1 just yet.

This Workout I switched up my form on the deads as you see in my meet video I am very stiff legged type deadlifter witch prevents me for getting a solid lockout. I did not expect to pull 675 like I did!! Eric Lilliebridge gave me some pointers on the deadlift and it helped alot!

135--1 X 8
225--1 X 6
315--1 X 5
405--1 X 3
495--1 X 2
585--1 X 1
675--1 X 1 (Very Smooth) Post video tomorrow

Strict Bent over Barbell Rows

135--1 X 10
225--1 X 8
275--2 X 6

Weighted Decline Cable Crunches
Bw--1 X 10
30--1 X 10
40--2 X 10


I had to miss Bench Press workout today I will be benching tomorrow. (Thursday)


VIDEO of my Deadlifts from monday is also on this video with my bench pressing from today

Great day to day was feeling really strong! weights felt really light today! Best Double before today was 455. 475 was a great PR to get.

Bench Press
135--1 X 8
225--1 X 6
315--1 X 5
405--1 X 1
475--1 X 2
Added Sling shot
475--1 X 4 (Easy 4 rep)
VVV---Video Below---VVVV

Incline (35 Degree)
135--1 X 8
185--1 X 6
225--1 X 5
275--1 X 3
315--1 X 2
365--1 X 2

Tricep Extensions DB
35--1 X 10
45--1 X 10
55--3 X 8-10

5 Sets of ?? Reps


Yo big man. I've seen you in Ben's log. Cool to see you have your own. I'll be following.


Took squat day off body needed some rest. Going to hit Military Press hard tomorrow.


Those benches were frigging solid and congrats on the dead pr brother! good luck on the presses!


My god man you are the real deal Im totally following this, going to learn as much as I can... 2000 raw total holy shit man


Thanks man! Yeah if you have any questions just ask!


This is awesome, you basically represent where I want to be one day. Glad to have you, will be following.


what assistance exercies and what rep/ set ranges for those assistance exercises have you found to be best for progressing?


Crazy squatting, I will follow with great interest.


Awesome. It's sweet having the two strong Ben's on here.


I'm telling you right now if you just stay focused, dedicated, Motivated and don't let anything or anyone get in your way you will be stronger than you ever imagined! This Quote has been posted on my wall , in my car and on my Gym bag "When you are willing to sacrifice anything...the sky is the limit."


Great total, this will be a great thread to watch.


Fuck bro.....sick


-------------------------------Military press (Sunday)--------------------------------

Main Secondary exercise:

Seated DB Shoulder Press Sets and Reps 3 X 12 or 5 X 6

Tricep pushdowns: Form is Crucial on these I was doing the all wrong for years and didn't even know it until I trained with my buddy Justin Randle and he tweaked my form. I'll post a video on how I do them with my Bench Press Video on Wednesday.

Sets and Reps: 3 X 12 ;(Upsets) 1 X 10 ; 1 X 8

Front DB Raises ( 1 arm at a time)

Sets and Reps 4 X 10 ; 1 X 6

Rear Delt

Sets X Reps: 3 X 20

---------------------------------Deadlift (Monday)---------------------------

45 Degree Back Raises with Band Tension (Green Band or Purple on a light day)

Sets and Reps: 2 X 10 Grab a 25 Lbs Plate then 2 sets to Failure

Leg Curls

Sets Reps: 4 X 12

Light High Rep 3-5 sets 15-20 Reps

-----------------------------Bench Press (Wednesday)-----------------

2 Board or Sling-Shot Presses

work up to a Max single or triple or 3 X 3

Incline Db Press

Sets and Reps: 3 X 10 upset 2 X 8

Tricep DB Extensions

Sets and Reps: 4 X 10 Upset 1 X 8

Lat Pulldowns (wide or narrow)

Sets and Reps: 3 X 10 upset 1 X 8

Peck Deck super set Rear Delts

Sets and Reps: 3 X 15

--------------------Squats (Friday)---------------------

Leg press

Sets and Reps: 4 X 8-10

Leg extensions

Sets and Reps: 3-4 X 10-12

Light Leg Curls

Sets and Reps: 3 X 20

Decline weighted cable sit-ups

Sets and Reps: 4-5 X 8-12

This is pretty much what I have been doing for the last 6 or 7 weeks. I still am doing it and making great results.


Yeah now its time to get my Bench and Deadlift up to the level where my Squat is! 525 Bench and 725-750 Deadlift is the short term goal as of right now.