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2000 Calorie Meals

I need new ideas for high calorie meals. I know what to eat in order to eat that much while not throwing up from eating too much (nuts, milk, etc.) I just need ideas for full meals that add up to 2000 calories. Trying to do the clean bulk, so no fast food. My goal is to eat 3 2000 calorie meals a day. I’ve been eating 4500 calories a day and not gaining weight so I need to eat more.

So I just need ideas for 2000 calorie meals.

1lb 85/15 ground beef = 800 cal
1 jar Prego Ricatta Parm Marinara = 450 cal
2 cups dry brown rice penne = 800 cal
total = 2050 cal

Do you feel comfortable just dumping olive oil or butter on a meal to make up calories?

That’s the easiest way to get calories without the bulk of protein or carbohydrate.

How long have you been eating 4500 cals/day?

^LIFT is right. Pouring olive oil on stuff is a good way to add a hundreds of extra calories.

@gabex wow thanks thats a good idea
@Lifticvsmaximvs Yea I’ve actually done that quite a few times when I didn’t know what else to do
@Ripsaw I’ve been eating it for about 2 months.

I would keep it at 4500 cals for a few more months if your lifts are still progressing. Two months isn’t that long to notice huge LBM gains. Nearly everyone can gain weight with that amount of calories unless you have a intensive manual labor job on top of your training. That would keep your lean gains up while not putting on much fat vs 6000 cals.

Alright but the first two months I ate like this I gained 20 pounds while staying lean so I thought since I’m not gaining weight now I should eat more.

You’re definitely not going to keep the 10 lbs/month, regardless of how many calories you’re eating. The first few months of progress are always the greatest, then it becomes an uphill battle from there.

If you want to add more calories, don’t add 1500 at a time. Slowly increase your calories 200-500 cal at a time and assess your progress. How have you been tracking your macros? How long have you been training? What’s your current height, weight and bodyfat?

Yea I know I shouldn’t go up in calories that much at one time, I just plan on adding one 2000 calorie meal at a time.

I’m 5’10", 175 lbs and 7 - 9% body fat. I’ve been training for 2 years. By tracking your macros, I assume you mean tracking daily intake of calories, protein etc. I’ve been doing that for the past year, but I’ve only been counting calories lately, because I know as long as I eat “clean” foods my needs for protein and carbs will be met.