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$200 to spend

Im back from a little layoff from an injury. I have $200 dollars to spend on supplements to get me back to prime. I havent used creatine before, and I dont want to use any prohormones. If you had $200 dollars to spend on supplements to get you back into lifting shape what would u buy? My goal is to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible. Currently 6’0 200 %9bf.

just my .02 if you have 200 id spend it on some good biotest products right on this site. if you’re a t-man then you get free grow bars how cool is that. i would go with Tribex, Surge, Grow (either low carb or classic), methoxy, T2pro…etc…basically the biotest products that arent prohormone if you dont want to do them. i have had incredible success with biotest. got down to about 9.5% BF in 4 weeks using cheater’s diet and plenty of biotest products (mag-10, methoxy, tribex, M, T2 pro, md6). hope this helps

Richard: If we ALL could be in such “bad” shape after a layoff and/or injury!

You’ve got the foundation, Bro…so I would say:

“Grow”; “Surge”; a good Multi; and food…

Protein, methoxy, and powerdrive.

MAG-10 with 24 free GROW! bars.

I’d take the $200 and buy:
Cottage Cheese
Lots of Meat
and maybe some protein powder

Hmmmm…fifty pounds of flank steak?

I would stay with Biotest products. Although I do like EAS Myoplex, only because it is a little more cost effective for me. But the Grow bars are excellent. Mag-10 is the best pro-hormone, but 4AD (still Biotest)is effective at half the price of Mag-10.

Surge, Grow! and Methoxy-7.

I should have said Surge. Honestly, if you’re not already budgeting for protein and Surge then do so now. Those should NOT be considered “supplements” but as a part of your diet.

how long will this $200 last you. The basics are protein powders like Grow, workout drinks like Surge. After this save up for other things like powerdrive and mag-10. laters pk

If you haven’t used creatine before, I would definitely give it a whirl. It totally works. Some people say it only adds water weight. That is not the point. Creatine helps you recover from workouts faster. That will eventually lead to real gains. Creatine is alos a great “bang for the buck”. I would pick a quality manufacturer and get a big old tub, which will probably set you back 40 bucks or so, and last for months. Charles Poliquin once said the biggest problem with creatine is under-dosing. I don’t know if that is his current thinking, but he suggested at least 20 grams a day (most guys say 5 grams is your mainenance dose… too low, according to Poliquin). Basically, you want to include a 5 gram dose with 4 of your meals each day, especially post-training. Personally, I think creatine is great. I think most of us take it for granted at this point, but if you never tried it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Next to steroids and pro-hormones, I believe it is the most effective thing out there. It also fits squarely into your budget. Spend the rest on protein powder and fish oil.