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$200 Rock


Driving home tonight, cross over train tracks and something hits my car. At first I was thinking "did the stop arm come down and hit my car". Windshield looks as pictured, I pulled over and a rock the size of my fist is sitting on the hood.

It was dark and I didn't pull over till about 200 ft when I realized what had happened, my guess is someone threw it. Probably some punk kid, but in PG county I didn't really want to take any chances.


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Totally reminded me of this


odd video. What were they filming for, and no screams? shit, I would have if that rock had come through my window and that close like that 2x4, damn




Holy crap what a cowinkydink.

I was just helping out a co-worker make an appt with Speedy Autoglass to come to work to fix his windshield this morning

No punk involved, just a wonky garage door.

It got killed last night when his apartment garage door came down on his minivan roof. Beautiful spider web pattern. All of $300+ out of pocket.

OP was anyone in the passenger seat? Hope you're ok dude.


No was just me. Glass shattered inside and some hit me in the face, but no cuts or anything.

Kind of funny, in my panic I started to slow down and since the Jeep is somewhat new to me, I couldn't find the flashers quickly so I started randomly beeping the horn, LOL

if that hit on the driver side, I can't help but think I may have flipped the car out of overreacting


At least no one got hurt. You're safe.

And lol @ Count.


Hell diamonds are rocks, even little shitty ones cost 2G's.... I agree about the punk chucking a rock....Ones that big just don't fly up off of the road....


When I lived in MD they had a couple of these rock throwing incidents. I think two people died in Anne Arundle county. Glad you're ok!


A couple of months ago I was on the freeway doing 65+ behind a giant dump truck, and as it switched lanes a large rock probably half the size of my fist shot up from underneath it and cracked my front windshield on the driver side about 4" above my direct line of vision. I watched the whole thing from start to finish and was sure it was gonna shatter the window.

All I could think to do was brace myself by grabbing the wheel with both hands and tensing up as hard as a could. fortunately it didn't bust through, and if it did I'm not sure how much flexing would've helped a speeding rock to the face. Had a buddy who runs an auto shop knock it and my inspection out for $275 total. all in all, coulda been way worse. Glad you're ok dude.


I'm glad you are okay.

Once I was driving through Milwaukee and ended up trying to turn around on some side road. It was dark out. All of a sudden I see two kids (both under ten) running toward the street. I slammed on the breaks thinking they were just playing. Actually, they were running to the road to throw rocks at my car. I guess some start young.


scary stuff. For me, it was dark, I never saw the rock and it happened over train tracks, fuck if I knew what was going on or happening.


Damn. That reminds me of a motorcycle awareness group that came around to my highschool (like 4 years ago) and told us about how:
One of the motorcycle awareness guys was driving down the interstate, going like 70, and sees the truck in front of him kick up a rock at his face (no helmet). He had a split second that he might have been able to move his head out of the way, but his wife was behind him. SO, he had to take it to the side of the face, chipped his cheekbone, ripped a big chunk out of his cheek, he barely kept control of his bike. Crazy shit.


Jesus. That's a tough dude. Not only did he have the presence of mind to think about his wife while a speeding rock was flying at him, he took the rock and never lost control. That's insane.


THAT'S a fucking hero in my book!


that's a stupid guy for not wearing a helmet.


^^^well, whatever he is I'm sure he wears a helmet when he rides now.


helmet wouldn't have prevented it. he still probably doesn't wear a helmet -.-


that 2x4 video was crazy! I was waiting to see what would happen, never read the title haha!