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200 Meter World Record Broken


He did it with 19.30. Goodbye to MJ


I saw him win the 100 mtr and he looked like it was a walk in the park. This guy is scary fast. It kinda looks like he's got an ego to go with it though...


I would like to see an article on the state of doping in 2008. Maybe it's time for a follow up with Charlie Francis!


Amazing! I wonder if he can beat these times in a few years.


That's too bad, I liked Michael Johnson's demeanor a lot more.

Whatever, records are meant to be broken though, and it's kind of a long-shot to hope for the fastest man in the World to be modest.


GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No videos?


He is only 21 after all. MJ was a bit older so it is natural for him to have a little more humility. Either way he has a right to beat his chest. He worked hard a decimated the competition, I would beat my chest to...but then again I am Jamaican so I think it comes with the territory.


NBC has everything copyrighted, and is keeping a close eye on the internet. Unless one sneaks through youtube and you see it before it's pulled, you won't be able to watch anything until tonight.


Try this website.


Click on Sports, then Athletics and it should be on your right.


I wonder what Charlie's takes are on those ridiculous times that have been produced over this past year. Those Jamaican sprinters are running those times like it's nothing. All the talks about the Ben Johnsons, Maurice Greens, and Michael Johnsons are now a thing in the past. The world of track and field has officially shifted in its paradigm. I swear those Jamaican sprinters are aliens, or human/alien hybrids, or at least genetically altered.


genetically altered good possibility. but aliens naw they live in roswell not jamaica.


I bet somebody on these forums a couple of months ago that Bolt would set the records and go down as the greatest sprinter of all time. I don't remember who it was or what thread though....


I hope he doesn't get lumped in the doping crowd. This guy has been a prodigy for a long, long time. Don't forget he owns the Youth WR in the 200 at 20.13 (age of 16). He set the World Junior Record of 19.93 at the age of 18. It's not hard to see that he could some day challenge the WR with this type of progression.


I think it was this thread:



Wouldn't this take until the end of time to prove, though?


I'm definitely proud to be Jamaican, and I would have to say that right now for 200m anyway Bolt is in a class by himself. I think he just has fun out there on the track. Alot of times its mistaken as being arrogant, but to realize your dreams on your 22nd birthday, that has got to be the best feeling in the world and I dont think any of us can tell him what and what not to do in that moment.

He's always been a talent, its just that over the past few years he has focused more, less partying and also has been properly coached, I honestly don't know how fast he really is.... Breaking MJ's record into a headwind of 0.9m/s (MJ had a tail wind of +0.4m/s).....what more can we expect, who knows


After the commercial a voice says "this content is currently unavailable."



There you go.


What's up WhiteFlash?!

Track is back on Track and Bolt is Lightning!

About our wager, on a technicality you don't win but TKO eats humble pie.


So on a technicality you don't win, but TKO eats humble pie.

We're all winners though, One Love*