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200 lbs!


So it's been a month since I posted my first progress thread where my weight sat between 192-195. I'm now sitting between 201 and 203 and have added .3 of an inch to my arms. Starting out between 125-130, I never thought I could ever hit 200 lbs. If I could hit 220 by spring I'd be very happy, which is starting to seem very feasible. That peri-workout nutrition stuff is no joke and I think everyone should try it at least once, especially if you've always taken minimal supplements and your workouts and nutrition are already on point.


Cool, looking pretty lean, too. 8 lbs of muscle in a month is fantastic progress!!!


Lol, YEAH DUDES! That peri-workout nutrition stuff IS no joke and everyone SHOULD try it!

I dont know why I think that sounds so hilarious...

Good work, bro. Keep it up!


good job I've gained only 15lbs this summer (was not aggressive enough with eating the first 1.5 months)

also what did you follow for peri-workout nutrition?


Gratz on the milestone. Good job on keeping relatively lean while bulking too.
See no one said you had to get fat to gain weight. When "those" fucks start posting about how bulking means fat you should chime in to help shut them losers up.

Keep up the hard work!


Awesome job man. I'm desperately trying to get to 200, see you there soon. :wink:


geeze man you look lean at 200 I think you have a nack for this, good job!


Man you look solid as hell. But could you elaborate on what exactly you did for "peri-workout nutrition?"


Good stuff man.


Thanks guys. Previously as far as workout nutrition I'd just eat a solid meal about an hour before working out then drink an "ABB Mass Recovery" 60g carbs, 35g protein drink immediately after the workout, and that was pretty much it as far as workout supplementation. I have a friend who works at a GNC and hooked me up with a discount on some supplements and I used them as follows:

2 hours pre workout - Solid food meal
30 mins pre workout - 1 packet cellucor M5 + 1 packet cellucor N0
15 mins pre workout - 1/2 GNC mass XXX (1 mass xxx = 123g carbs 50g protein)
20 mins into workout - start drinking other half of mass XXX with 30g BCAA's added
60 mins after workout - Muscle Milk mixed in 16oz low fat milk + banana

I actually just ordered a bunch of products from this site and some peptopro and am going to try the protocol using the same products described in CT's peri-workout nutrition thread. In particular, I'm most excited to try the Alpha-GPC and Surge workout fuel. I also got some creatine, beta 7, ZMA, and Surge recovery. Also interested to try the peptopro as it is apparently superior to just BCAA's. I very excite!


i enjoy a peri-workout supp as well, i make it myself and save money: waxy mazie, bcaa's, creatine in Gatorade, it has helped me, however some folks get nauseous drinking anything other than water during workouts. i drink water and sip on the other throughout the workout.


btw peptopro is disgusting so you might want to get some flavouring to go with it :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried it for the first time 2 days ago on my leg day mixed into the remnants of the Surge Recovery and I was about 25 mins into the workout already feeling like dying from the intensity and I was scared to drink it because I heard it was so horrible. It actually wasn't bad at all IMO, it was very light and went down easy.


What's your new protocol look like? Are you seeing any gains from it?



Great progress bro. I think it's always amazing that people think they're training hard, or they're eating enough until they actually step over that 'line' and make some real progress. Suddenly they look back and realize that they could have been working a lot harder than they were. 200 lean is damn impressive.



Great job. I was stoked when I hit 200.

What's your nutrition like throughout the day?


Well, fuck you. I'm jelaous. I'm 20 pounds heavier and look like shit compared to you.

How did your strentgh increase with the added bodyweight?


Congrats Brother!!! I was so happy the day I hit 200lbs

Blood N Guts


I remember when I hit 200lbs a few months ago. I texted Mark Bell "I just ate two burritos from Rubios and a bottle of water and weighed myself... 200.8lbs."



Man do I remember the push for 200. I got stuck for so long, I got so discouraged, and then one day after a few days off from the gym, I hopped on the scale and it read 203. 210 was pretty easy game for me after that, the next real milestone was 220.

Way to go. Keep up the good work!!