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*****200 Lb. at 10 % Bf*****


It is really rare to see anyone at lean (about 10 % body-fat) 200 lb. bodyweight either on the streets or in the gyms.
In the gyms what I see are mostly pudgy 185 lb. lifters,some under 170 lb. lean lifters and a few over 210 lb. big lifters with too much body-fat.

What do you think it takes to build lean 200 lb. physuque for a natural lifter?
How many years of lifting,bulking & cutting?
What kind of poundages/repetitions in basic lifts should be lifted to build that amound of muscle mass?
What kind of nutrition?


I think it depends primarily on height, starting condition, motivation and to a lesser degree age


Too any variables to answer with any accuracy.
For one, how tall?

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One/Two years ?

I'm one of the worst example and I've done 130 to 230 (5'7-8) in 2 years (only one year being productive), not lean, I am leaning down to ~200. Honestly, this is only a good intermediate weight. Nothing extraordinary.

If you can't reach 200lbs lean without steroids usage and you are over 5'7 you are doing something wrong I believe. I have Hypogonadism (low T production) and did it in a relatively short therm.

For the lifts, as long as you progress number don't matter really.

Why don't you post your training history, diet etc. so we can help you achieve your goals ?


Unless you have a diagnosis more precise than "hypogonadism", it doesn't count.


I was 198 and prolly in the single digits a month or two ago. Truthfully, a couple of my lifting buddies are bigger and almost as lean. It's not that uncommon to see a 200 lb dude in single digits.

I'm down to 192ish now. At a height of 6'1" I'm pretty thin. I just had my son a couple of weeks ago so my time is limited and my food intake isn't quite as high. I will be back to ~200 lbs and single digits hopefully within a couple of months.


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*******Look at it this way, if you are a lean 200 with abs etc. you shouldn't have trouble putting up some decent numbers (330+ bench, 400+ squat etc.)*******


Proper peri-workout nutrition
Consistency in diet and training
Concretly answering you questions is impossible, though.
You have to cook with what you have. Some natties will never be 200 @ 10% bdf, some will easily reach this goal.


Lets say average height of 5-9 to 5-11 ft,starting condition average(a bit of sport earlier),
motivation very high and age about 25.


Just wanting opinions and ROUGH estimations.


Thanks for info!

I live in south of Spain now in a city of Malaga.There are gyms everywhere and its very fitness oriented area.But,let me tell you,if you are 200 lb. lean & reasonably proportional,you would be a sensation here.


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Ok.33 years old,185 lb. at about 12 % bf ,wanting to get to 200 at 10 % bf.
Lifted on & off in the last decade.


Ooooh, let me try.

The same thing it takes to build 180, 190, 210, 220, 230 and above pounds.
That depends on you and your genetics, food intake and training.

That depends on you and your genetics, food intake and training.

That depends on you and your genetics, food intake and training.

That depends on you and your genetics, food intake and training.


I'm gonna guess about 5'7", 155 at about 9% BF


I'd put him closer to 12%.

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