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200 lb 3rd Grader Placed in Foster Care



my thoughts...Personally, to me it's a form of child abuse, but I don't really agree with the action. Rather, there should be education and support for the family to correct the problem. This is a slippery slope and drastic actions are not the answer. And how can the gov't feel this is the proper action when they allow pizza to count as a vegetable for schoolkids.


thats a tough one. I dont like the fact that the kid was placed in foster care but a 200lb 8 year old??? Unless he is a really tall kid (5'8+) then its more than likely the parents fault.

I was out shopping the other day and the family in front of me in line had two young daughters who were both very overweight for little kids and it was really sad to me. You dont want to start your kids out with body/food issues as little kids (especially girls) but what can you do?

The rising rate of child obesity (not sure if thats the best word or not) is alarming and when the USDA says that microwave cheese pizza now fills the "vegetable" requirement for school lunches I dont see it getting better any time soon.


We had a few 200 pounders in our lil league football organization.


I think this is a case of the laws not keeping up with the times. I've never heard of a 8 year old being 200lbs before 2011.



wonder how much he can deadlift


4 chickens, pot roast and 20 lb bag of potatoes


I'd have put him in a zoo.


That's cruel and unusual...

Put the youngin' in the circus and have him fight the lion for scraps.


Kid looks happy, i say let him be.


The kid could be a future starter for the OSU line.


I don't see it happening. No coach wants to molest a chubby kid.


They should just liposuck his fat-ass :))))


OOOSU, not PSU. Plus the chubbier he is the more room for free tatoos.





''you going to eat that??''



Think about it, a third grader can't even multiply single-digit numbers.
Medical neglect sound accurate, but while I don't agree with the action taken, I can't think of a better alternative.