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200 Bucks Worth of Biotest for Xmas

My mom gave me a 200 dollar american express card so I could buy whatever suppliment online (she said she didnt want to get me the wrong one) so she just gave me a card.

Just figured I'd say I got 200 bucks worth of Surge and Grow! on its way to my house.


Good for you and way to rub it in..J/k merry Christmas and I hope your mom's awsome gift helps you to achieve what ever your current goals are.DA


Have your mom get in touch with the poster's mom from the "Mommy stole my creatine" thread :wink:


Hehe, I just bought 2 Surge, 2 Chocolate Low-Carb Grow!, and 2 Vanilla Low-Carb Grow! buckets. Best thing about big orders? Free shipping!


That's the kind of gift cards I like!


That's an awesome gift... I should've thought to ask for the same thing. Happy eating and Merry Christmas


Lucky bastard!


Hell yea bro.Nice job.



Damn! I wish my parents understood any part of "bulking" and eat alot and would by me fucking supplements. I had to go run to my grocery store to by fish oil caps and smuggle them in my bag.


I have a AE gift card and they wouldn't let me use it. How did you go about ordering your supps?


It's a little late but I just ordered:

-1 Chocolate Low-Carb Grow!!
-1 Vanilla Low-Carb Grow!
-2 Surge
-1 T-Nation T-Shirt
-1 Biotest T-Shirt
-1 ZMA

I'm happy :slight_smile:


I had a nice little Biotest box under my tree with some chocolate Grow! and some Metabolic Drive Bars in it this christmas :slight_smile:


I didn't get it for christmas, but I won $200 for winning my Fantasy Football championship.

I ordered 3 tubs of Surge, 1 Vanilla and 1 Chocolate Low-Carb Grow! and some HOT-ROX.


Best thing about it is the free shipping. I'm like a little kid in a candy store.