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200-300 Workouts To Ripped City.


Basically, I've got a job for the summer delivering leaflets for 4 hours a day, Mon-Thu. It pays better than any other part-time job I found, and I get to work on my tan.

Not to mention that it's a much-needed chance to burn some calories - eating as per s2b, lifting heavy and studiously avoiding anything that even faintly resembled cardio for the last 2 years has made me an awful lot bigger, much, much stronger, and more than a little fat.

In the region of 14% bf last time I checked, and for a former 'skinny guy with great abs' (walking around at 4%) that's scary stuff.

I'm planning to eat at slightly-under maintenance (maintenance on workout days) grouping my calories around my walks and my workouts, my other meals consisting mainly of lean meat, veggies and olive/flax oil. I'll be training 3 times a week, probably upper/total/lower mon/thu/sat.

I'm given to understand that brisk walking has none of the catabolic effects of more intense exercise, so I hope that this will allow me shed some fat while keeping my hard-won muscle.

I'll keep you posted (presuming any of you are actually interested!)
If I can get my digital camera to work I'll post some before and after pictures.


Summertime, don't we love it?!

Good to see your workouts are paying off, now get the camera to work.


If you walk or ride your bike, you will burn a shitload of calories. Walking burns 300-400 calories an hour, so for 4 hours thats like 1200-1600 more calories a day that you are not used to burning. Bicycling is more. I would eat like usual for the first month, maybe cleaner, and see what happens. Watch out for dogs.


On the burn.

You have the calories burned from excercise, and you have the elevated metabolism rate.


I'm starting UPS in a week or so (either loading/unloading trucks). Not really "intense" work, just long and kinda shitty, so I'm in the same boat as you, more or less.

Best of luck, man.


14% bodyfat is not that high.


Bicycling, unless you are going all out or live in a damn hilly area is not going to burn more calories than walking. Think about haow much time on a bike is spent "coasting".

Plus delivering leaflets the OP will likely have a route rather than set hours. Using a bike will enable him to do it quicker and using less calories than walking.

OP, job is 4 days a week, your post title is 200-300 workouts to ripped city - how long is your summer!?!?!?

All that walking should help you burn off some chunk, be sure to eat enough to ensure you still have enough energy for your workouts.
I worked a warehouse job for a summer, it was a lot of walking, lifting, climbing up racking etc, sometimes was really hard to drag myself to the gym after that, especially on deadlift day!


You're right. I have been eating as usual, actually. I gave up on the 'below maintenance' idea after the first day. And I think the emphasis on lean meat, veggies and olive oil counts as 'cleaner.'

Speaking of dogs.. Jesus. I should get danger money. I don't know what's worse - the little rat dogs or the huge, black hounds-of-hell types.


Thanks mate. Are you looking at it as a fat-burning opportunity or will you be upping the calories?


The subject is an obscure reference to and article by Lonnie Lowery last year '100 workouts to Ripped City.' His walks lasted an hour, so I figured 4 hours = 4 workouts. I should have just said 200-300 hours..or 256 to be precise.

I'm going to be doing my deadlifting on Saturday. Actually, I might limit my lower body work to just front squats and Rom DLs or something.. my legs feel, not sore exactly, but used, and very stiff, even with all this stretching.

I had a job at a patio centre a few years ago... tore my right trapezius and flexor carpi ulnaris lifting damn great boulders. That put me out of action for months.


I got the reference I was just in a sarcastic mood, sorry!


I'd stick with what you had planned for lower body work and see how you cope, if it is too much then reduce it.


My original goal was to get up to around 225 by the end of the summer (before I had to take this job), so I'll most likely be upping my calories to see what I can pull off. I'm not at the point yet where I want to start losing any weight, so I'm gonna see what I can put on even with this job.


Best of luck to you too!