20 Yrs Old, First Test Enanthate Cycle at 625mg. Need Help With Diet

My current status:
Bf: 15%
Weight: 84kg
Age: 20
Diet: Not tracking
Height: 184 cm
Lifting: Good natty gains training for 5 years
My question is about gaining on Test E cycle I am currently taking 625mg for 10w then lower till 12w, i just finished turinabol 50mg ed with very small gains…
I am almost on week 5 on Test e, taking 625mg monday and thursday.
I have almost no gains, what could be the issue?

Issues could be:

Your gear sucks
Your diet sucks
Your training sucks

10 weeks into a 625mg cycle I think you should be seeing some sort of improvement. You said no gains, is that just how you look? Or is your strength not going up either?

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Oh shit sorry you’re just 5 weeks in, I thought you were 10 weeks in. My bad

It’ll take 5-6 weeks just for your TT to reach peak and stable levels. Then the gains start really coming after that. Give it more time


Yeah, well it’s called puberty. You’re only 20 so of course you are going to make gains over a 15 year old. This is a bad idea for somebody so young other than those with pro potential. I encourage your to reconsider this avenue for a few years after this cycle.


Yeah actually positive that the test just needs more time, ty for the tip

I was just looking at age charts for IGF-1 and GH. Someone in their teens and early 20s are on average double what someone in their 30s would be. Testosterone levels in young people are talked about allot, but this could also be a large impact.

Top of the range for someone 20 years old was like 550 for igf-1. At 30, top of range was 280.

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Yes I have gave it thoughts, and if i keep the gains with good pct i will stop aas until i get to 24yrs.

That is a smart move IMO. Many people think they are close to their genetic potential, but have lots of natural gains left.

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That’d be the biggest issue.

Start a thread in the BSL forum laying out your current training and nutrition plan. The more detail you can share, the better advice you’ll get.

What did you weigh when you started five years ago?

I weighted about 68kg at 15 yrs very skinny but i had some mass on me from being active in sports.