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20 Yrs Old, 6', 147lbs. First Cycle: Test E 3x/Wk. Arimidex, Clomid EOD

Going to be starting my fist cycle end of this year so I’m still planning it just want any advice possible. Thanks.
.Test E 500mg a week injecting 3 times a week (166mg per injection)
.12 week cycle
.Arimadex 0.5mg every other day
.Chlomid 25mg every other day
.Also going to get some blood work done to keepon top of everything
. Week 1-2 (PCT) Arimadex .5mg every other day Nolvdex 40mg every day
.Week 3-4 (PCT) Arimadex .5mg every other day Nolvdex 40mg every day HCG 500iu daily

Put… down… the Arimadex. Seriously… you don’t need anywhere near that dosage and none during PCT. Clomid on cycle is also not needed. If you want to pin more than 2x per week that’s ok but also unnecessary. Read up a bit more on first cycle plans,


Thank you, I’ll continue to look more into it

Read other first cycle threads, there’s plenty on the first page or two here. You will see why your plan for adex is a disaster waiting to happen. You’re also throwing way more stuff in your system than you need.
Cut out the clomid and HCG. Cut out adex in PCT. Do not take adex at all during cycle unless symptoms arise, in which case start with .25 on pin days and adjust as necessary. It’s always easier to increase slowly, than to crash your estrogen.


New plan after a little more research:
Weeks 1-10 500mg of test E (only two dips this time)
Week11 300mg test E
Week12 200mg test E
Week13 40mg nova ED
Week14 20mg nova ED
Week15 20mg nova ED

How’s this?

How old are you? Weight? Height? BF? Years training?

Doing another hour of research when making such a big decision such as using AAS isn’t much. It’s a big decision and you should make sure you also understand the risks.

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I’m 20 6ft 147lbs and my bf is at 10% and Ive been training 3 1/2 years all progress has basically halted finding it super hard to put mass on as I’m a ectomorph. I’m currently on a bulk (spend most of my time bulking) 3500 calories a day with about 40% proteins 40%carbs and the other 20% fats really struggling to see any sort of progression nowadays so trying to just get help putting on a few more pounds of lean muscle I’m also training 6 times a week. As for the risks they were the first things I looked at before even thinking about it l hope this helps!

Hate to say it, but you’re way too young, and have way too much natural potential left to go before you should even be considering AAS.

Something is wrong with your diet and calories if you aren’t gaining weight, or possibly your training, maybe a combination of the two.

Have you had lab work done to see what your natural test levels are?

IMO, you’re going down the wrong path, and you need to figure out first why you’re not gaining size naturally before you start turning to steroids. I was 5’10 and 135lbs. I am a hard gainer and thought I’d never grow. Took my 6 years to hit 175 and 8% bf, but I did it. I’ve only run two minor cycles and waited until I was over 30, had my diet locked in, and had found what works for my body. You have yet to figure out what works for your body.


Okay thank you for the advice!

I am gaining weight it’s just super slow and I never notice the difference when I’m looking in the mirror

It’s bad. It’s very bad. It’s doesn’t-yet-know-the-science bad.

Pct is too short. Three weeks is probably not enough. Pct also stands for post cycle therapy. Starting Nolva one week after your last test injection isn’t quite post cycle. It’s more like Still on Cycle Therapy. It will not end well.

Minimum clearance time for a cycle of test e is two weeks. Technically it should be closer to three, but nobody waits that long for some reason. You have waited only one, which may seem trivial but I assure you it will be the difference between recovery and no recovery.

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You have a world of potential natural muscle left in the tank. Tweak your workouts, tweak your diet, figure out what works for you FIRST. If you don’t, you’ll make less than satisfactory gains on cycle, and you’ll probably lose it all after. This path is not an easy one, you’ve got a lot more reading to do. I hope you take everyone’s advice and give it some more time. Plenty of years and life left in you to take this path later in life.

You should be able to get to 180ish in just a couple of years. Don’t rely on the mirror, you see yourself daily. Take progress photos, take measurements, and then go crush it in the gym. Maybe change your split/routine.

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Okay so if I was to do it wait till week 14 to start pct then continue for 4 weeks?

Yeah I’m going to hold off for a while get some more research down and try and tweak my training and my dieting down and maybe later on in life try a cycle thanks for all the help

Could you possibly craft up what a cycle for dummies would look like just so I can see exactly how bad my knowledge is would really appreciate it!!

Bro, you are 20 & under 150lbs. Go eat cheeseburgers & do squats & cleans. Your testosterone will NEVER again be this high naturally. You risk a life of naturally low testosterone by taking steroids. Are you prepared to go on TRT forever? It’s a possibility even with the best planned & executed cycle.

Make it a goal to get to a lean 180 or shredded 170 or something before you go on the gear. 147 is scary small.


Come on now don’t hate on my size lol😂

I’m going to agree with everyone else here. When people say that someone is too young it really is because there’s an age at which you can still do more with what you have. Once that starts to diminish it makes sense to look at the next step. But you’ve got time on your side here, and that’s something you’ll never be able to buy.

And your size is certainly an issue. If you’re really at 10% but eating 3,500 calories and not seeing progress then one of two things is true. Either that’s not enough food or your training isn’t any good. Usually guys who stay lean like you do so with good training. So let’s assume that the thing to blame here is the diet and the kind of training. What you’re doing may work great for maintaining a lean frame, but if you want mass then start hitting some different programs aimed at that goal.


I can all but guarantee your diet and your program are both off. I was/am a “hard gainer”. Like Iron said though, your program is working to keep your lean frame.

Share with us your diet, your lifting split/sets/reps. I’m sure there’s a few guys on here that would be more than happy to help you figure out how to advance naturally. You literally can hit 180 in the next 18 or so months, naturally.

Very BAD idea. I’m 24, 5 ft 9 and 163 lbs at 17% ish bf and I will not consider doing steroids until I hit the 180 lbs mark at a good bf. I started off as a very skinny kid at 125 lbs, took me a couple of years to learn to eat well and train smart, I used to think that I’ll never get big … well when I got my diet and training on point I blew up from 130 lbs to 160 in a little bit over a year and I’m still going strong and gaining weight and strength every month or so, I will try to get to 180 by the end of next year.

I think it’s interesting to note that not only you need to do more research but you need to know your body better. Get some blood work done so that you have a reference for future cycles if you decide to go down that path, also it seems that 3500 cal isn’t enough for your body … it’ll take some trial and error to pin point your maintenance, for example I tried everything from 2000 to 4000 cal and found out that around 3100-3200 works best for me given a certain training routine of course. You either need to eat more as you may be overestimating your calorie intake or you might need to lower your training volume.

There is also a lot to consider when using gear, you might end up on TRT at a very young age which might interfere with any family plans… messing with your endocrine system this early never ends well, 20 is young and at your size I bet you’ll blow up if you learn to eat and train well, and by the time you’re 23 you will be amazed at how far you’ve come. Hope this helps you in making a wise decision!