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20 Yrs Old, 187lbs 6'1''

I’ve been training for just over a year and a half now, I previously competed as a high level road cyclist but injuries have prevented me from continuing with it, I was 164 lbs when I started lifting. I currently use a 4 day split and cardio twice a week. I’m at 187 lbs and I’m planning to start bulking in the new year. What do you reckon to my physique so far and what areas should I focus on into the new year. Criticise away!

Cheers Guys

did you lose both your legs to a cycling injury?

Thankfully not, I just didn’t get round to posting a few more pictures. I tore my right Rec Fem, which you can probably see in the picture.

Back photo

Back photo

Torn Rec Fem

for me i think you need more thickness to your back
also put a photo from the front at relax

You got a great base bro. I’d say your upper back, traps are a bit lacking…
Gain more SIZE…at 6’1 you need to be like 220+ to be impressive.
EAT, LIFT, Grow!
good work so far.

Your fairly lean, do you plan to loosen up your diet much when you bulk, meal plan?

Very impressive back! What is your waist size? The V taper is real solid

Cheers for the comments guys! My traps and upper back could definitely do with some work, looking at the comments I guess I have a reasonable width to my back, but lack depth. As for bulking in the new year, I usual stay fairly lean, so I’m going to really increase my calories and try and push 200+lbs. My waist size at the minute is slightly over 32 inches.

thats pretty decent for ur age but to be perfect i’d say get to 220 pounds of muscle lose some fat get a smaller waist doable for you just keep lifting. By 220 pounds i dont mean eat ur brains out just keep lifting.