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20 Yrs Old, 160 Pounds. Test E Cycle

Looking for Advice from Someone Credible

im 20 years old been working out for 7 years pretty big 160lbs naturally high testosterone super athletic. im looking for advice on how to run my Test E only cycle and and finish it off with keeping some results. i was thinking of starting novalex 2.5 weeks after cycle for 5 weeks.

No need to run a cycle at your age. Especially if you have naturally high levels of T. You run the risk of ruining your HPTA at a young age. Give yourself 5 more years.


:point_up:️ what he said. Also unless you are 5’2, 160 is not big


not big hahahahaha you dnt know me bro im not ur average poster

Yeah the average poster is bigger than you. Like what the fuck does that even mean.


Totally unnecesary …can easily get up to 190lbs naturally if use info on this site and bust ass in gym -Just run through a bunch of Thib and/or Paul Carter programs.

Could ask them advice in their forums also(both have used)


If you are the average poster, than hes bigger than you.

Dude have you tried any volume based strength systems. I would try that before you go down the rabbit hole.

A day/session??

You’ve got a great strength base, do either of these and eat big and you will blow up…

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wow man that is fucking insane. great work

I mean I’m 6 foot 225lbs, so that’s just not true.

POst a picture of yourself you mass-monster.

You aren’t big. Unless you are 5’ tall, 160 is NOT big lol. If you have “naturally high testosterone” why would you shut yourself down to pin test? What dosages were you looking at with your test? You don’t need a cycle. You need time at work. What are your lift numbers like? and please be honest… Also, what is your reasoning for wanting to run the cycle? Makes no sense to me. I GUARANTEE that you aren’t bigger than the “average poster”. I’m an average poster and I am 6’1" 233lbs and I am definitely not fat. So here’s my advice on running your test cycle… Don’t do it at your age.


im very big everyone tells me all the time im contuing with test and anadrol will be starting in a month

here you go chicken manhttp://photobucket.com/gallery/user/hashoes99/media/cGF0aDovaW1hZ2UxIDFfenBzajVscnJyYnIuanBlZw==/?ref=1

thanks man you seem like you actually want to help but i want to compete in the future these are my goals and im am going to smash them

i seen your video you look strong af but you asthetics are lacking bro im a bodybuilder not a power lifter

Your upper body looks pretty good man. I’m guessing your legs are small, no offense, otherwise you would weigh a lot more. For example I’m very short, 5’7", but I weight 190lbs. Most of my weight is in my legs and my upper body doesn’t look any beefier than yours. I think at your age with your natural levels you would benefit from switching your training style for awhile and packing on pounds naturally like other said. If you are going to run Test and be damned, not listen to anybody else, then run the typical 500mg/week and split the pin 2x per week.

Here is the PCT recommended from KSMAN…

First stage:
1a) Inject 250iu hCG SC EOD then do labs for TT, FT, E2 after 4-6 weeks. If things have not improved, stop and go to TRT.

1b) Now if T levels acceptable, now do Nolvadex below to get hypothalamus and pituitary in the game.

Now hypothalamus and pituitary are active.


1a) 20 mg Nolvadex EOD [Clomid if only option]. Then do labs for LH/FSH, TT, FT, E2 after 4-6 weeks. If LH/FSH low, stop and go to TRT. If LH/FSH good and T levels still low, stop and go to TRT.

you got it right my friend thank you for your help your the only one that acutally helped. Anyways what do you do for your legs i can get mine past 23 inches and my calves are a whole other level 13.5 inches hahaha.

my current routine
Squat 185 8-15 reps 5 sets
leg press mix volume go ham
walking lunges with 20 pounds usually 100m

Dude my hammys arent that shabby mostly those fucking quads will not grow