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20 Yr Old Female, DHEA and TRT?


I wasn’t aware there were different types of selenium. I don’t have any problems with yeast.
Should I get ACTH or cortisol tested?


@itsniki, I hope you don’t mind the threadjack. I wanted to ask a question about progesterone. @KSman, I’m in my late 40s and have always felt GREAT, body works like a clock. Everything like it should. Anyway, I’m starting to have some symptoms of low progesterone, particularly in the last half of my cycle. Do you have an opinion about OTC wild yam creams? I have one called Pro-Gest by emerita. I’ve read mixed reviews about these vs. going the compounding pharmacy, bio-identical route.


I’ve checked it twice during day and even night time but it doesn’t get higher than 98.4

My progesterone levels on day 22 is 10 Ng/ml.
Lab range is 1.7-27.
I had a sharp pain in my breast yesterday again. Lol
Should it be higher?

The image is from a different site discussing luteal phase deficiency. Baseline for progesterone seems to be 10 Ng/ml everywhere.

@anon71262119 I don’t mind. :slight_smile:


@KSman I spoke to an endocrinologist today.
He said all my reports are fine.
I have asthma and I’m on corticosteroid and He said I most likely have vitamin D deficiency because of it and gave me a bunch of tests to take related to lipids and calcium.
Do you think my testosterone is low?
I feel crazy now.
He implied that I was either depressed(asked my mom about it) or attention seeking.
I had asked him to help me lower my TSH but he said its perfect.
He can’t explain my concentration problems.
The breast pain is common with everybody in luteal phase. That testosterone should be as little as possible in females.


This is typical. He is basically saying you either need an SSRI or there is nothing wrong with you. What a dick.


This is typical BS you seem to get from uncaring doctors who find it easier to throw SSRIs at you instead of working to look for the cause of your symptoms. This is how they are trained, put a bandaid on a gushing bleeding wound and hope it stops the bleeding, it easier and takes up less of their time so they can see 30 patients in an 8 hour shift as fast as possible.

Low hormones can CAUSE depression, it’s as if they were born yesterday. It will be extremely difficult to find knowledgeable doctors in your country, don’t ever give up.

What you need is Dr Crisler to consult with a doctor in your country on the proper course of action. He trains doctors on male/females hormones. Google him.

Healthcare around the world is failing us!


@KSman turns out i have severe vitamin d deficiency because im on 250 mcg corticosteroid and i havent been out for sometime .
my body temp has ben 97. i wake up and start sneezing.