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20 Yr Old Female, DHEA and TRT?

Hey. I’m 20 years old and live in Delhi, India. After finding out about my low T levels, I went to a 4 gyno who told me the issue will resolve (magically) once i get married(they think my t levels are fine and my complaint was low libido) but I’ve managed to find few okay endocrinologists.
I got a few tests done, suggested by my gyno.
If you can suggest some questions to ask the endo(for myself and to check his expertise) would be great.
Also, I want to lose almost 10 kg and gain some muscle but I dont have any energy left after cooking for a bit. I have exams coming up and was wondering if DHEA supplement could help with energy and poor concentration problem till i lose weight and retest my levels.
I have tried Himalaya ashwagandha but didnt work.

Testosterone Total- 24.27 ng/dl (around 7th day of cycle)
E2(day 2)- 34.50 pg/ml
FSH(day 2)- 7.62 miu/ml
LH(day 2)- 5.83 miu/ml
Glucose Fasting- 92 mg/dl
Prolactin serum- 31.08
FT3- 3.32 pg/ml
FT4- 1.07 ng/dl
TSH ultrasensitive- 2.054 uiu/ml

I know i have to test E2 and progesterone on 21st/ 14th day of cycle but I wasnt aware then, I’ll be able to check it next month but i need some supp at least because my energy is extremely low.

My weight is 64 kg and I’m 5’3"/ 161 cm, so not obese.
I used to work out- HIIT for 40 mins- and stopped two years ago but I still didn’t have any libido then. I don’t remember other symptoms other than poor concentration.

You can directly edit your post above and add lab ranges to the lab data. Look for the pencil icon below the post.

Low thyroid function can make you tired, depressed. It also lowers libido and can lead to fat gain. Most cases of low thyroid function are caused by iodine deficiency from not using iodized salt.


TSH should be near 1.0
Thyroid lab ranges are quite useless.

fT3 and fT4 should be near midrange.
fT3 looks like it is good.
fT3 is the only active hormone, there is no T4 receptor.

Are you taking birth control pills. Some women have lower libido from those.

Prolactin might be elevated, need to see the lab range.

Energy involves many factors. Thyroid and cortisol are important. Cortisol is best as ‘AM Cortisol’ done at 8AM or 1 hour after waking.

Diet: Many there have issues caused by a lack of protein from not eating milk and a diet that has too many starches such as rice and bread.

Do you get enough sun on your skin to male Vit-D? Some avoid sun to have a lighter complexion.

Do you have any digestive issues?

Some areas in India have problems from natural levels of arsenic in well water. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenic_contamination_of_groundwater
Did you live in any affected areas in the past?

DHEA: DHEA does not typically make T levels any higher in men, but can in some women and this can lead to more facial hair. DHEA levels are highest in age 20-30 and taking DHEA is really not called for. DHEA levels start to drop after age ~35. DHEA will not do anything for energy, concentration and weight - thyroid is the problem.

I think that your tiredness is the key to problems and libido. Libido is really tied to ones health and vitality. We see lots of problems with TSH=~2.0

If fT4 is below mid-range, that also indicated iodine.

With good fT3, TSH=2.0 suggests that fT3 is ineffective. Then we suspect that reverse T3, rT3, might be elevated and blocking some fT3 at T3 receptors. fT3 can be elevated from stress events and stress conditions. Please read the thyroid basics sticky for references to stress, adrenal fatigue. If rT3 is elevated, cortisol can be elevated but can become low as the condition progresses.

You are definitely a different women and you cast a large net looking for information.

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Hey, thank you for replying!
No birth control pills.
I do consume iodized salt and 1.5 tsp easily which means there’s no deficiency.
I have a water filter which uses Reverse osmosis.
I get a lot of sun!! lol
Im vegetarian but I count my macros so I get twice the required amount of protein for women but through beans, whole wheat and milk.
No digestive issues.
Even when im well rested, I still dont have any libido. I require min 8 hours of sleep.
Prolactin’s range is 2.80-29.20


We do get concerned with elevated prolactin as is can be from a pituitary adinoma. That should not be ignored because if it gets large it can press on the optic nerves with a reduction of width of peripheral vision. Prolactin labs can be influenced. Recent orgasm or cuddling babies, puppies or kittens can raise prolactin numbers. Test again later avoiding those factors.

How long have you been having these problems? Did anything significant happen prior to that? A blow to the head or whiplash?

Do read about rT3 etc.

It is hard to get all of the essential amino acids.
You could be B-12 deficient.
Could you try fish oil capsules for essential fatty acids?
Do you eat eggs?

Some simply not do well on a vege diet.

Extreme low fat diets are dangerous.
If cholesterol is low there will be problems. Cholesterol is the foundation for most of your hormones.

Have you been screened for tropical diseases and parasites?

What time is it there now?

my vision has been getting bad dramatically!! (if it means that it causes poor vision)
For a few years but ive paid attention in the last 3-4 years.
Nope, nothing happened except weight gain.
I will take supplements for amino acids,b-12 and omage 3 then. :slight_smile:My doc gave me vitamin e and primrose oil because I complained about breast pain(high estrogen?) in one breast.

Dont beans, oats and whole grains have cholesterol?
Im not vegetarian by choice. I live with my parents and they are vegetarian. they want me to stay too as long as i live with them.
I have asthma and that’s it.
it’s 9:18pm

I checked the brand of salt I use and it says >15 ppm for 100gm.
So, i consume 1-2 tsp. I shouldnt have iodine deficiency, right?
I read about it.
Iodine supplements are expensive because they’re being imported.
Should I really try it?I probably lack selenium too.
weirdly i cant find centers to get rt3 tested.

Do you follow Weston Price, @KSman?

Problems with eye focus is not a prolactin problem. If there is pressure on optic nerves there can be visual field effects, but optics of the eye do not change.

Odd that one breast is painful. Breast pain as part of your cycle typically gets worse with age as progesterone levels drop. But with your diet, hormone levels may be low. The breast pain is estrogen dominance if and when progesterone levels are low.

Primrose can affect your cycle. With my wife it would cause her periods to start early.

Beans, oats and whole grains have very little cholesterol. Most cholesterol is produced in your liver and foods have a minor effect. But a lack of fats in your diet can make cholesterol too low and can affect hormones.

See below re checking thyroid function via oral body temperatures.
“Things that damage your hormones” might apply to you.

rT3 can be assumed to be OK if oral body temps are good.

Then i dont have a tumor.
I checked and there’s barely any cholesterol in my diet.
Yes, Im going to check my body temp.
Do you know about Iodium 3x, iodium 200 etc?
What if it’s not ID? will i have to take synthetic hormones?

my rt3 is fine.
i checked my mom’s thyroid levels and she’s been struggling for two decades.

T3- 85 NG/DL 60-200
T4- 9.4 UG/DL 4.5-12
TSH- 5.28 0.3-5.5

She was prescribed Thyroxine Sodium. she recently experienced swelling in her body and got a million tests done. iron, glucose, urine samples and more.
she hasnt seen any improvement.
I’m going to give her iodine for a month and see if she improves.
So, my cortisol levels might be affecting Testosterone, right?
I’m going to get my own and mom’s cortisol levels checked.
do you recommend any other?

so, if rt3 is fine and there’s still hypothyroid, it can still be corrected by IR? If not, then should i look into synthetic hormones after that?


Progesterone’ lab range is <.10-.30 in follicular phase.
My bad. Going to get tested in a week again.

Please do not split your case, it will cause problems.

Your mom need selenium to prevent some well known risks. You too!

TSH should be near 1.0, 2.054 is a problem.
fT4=1.07 should be mid-range or a bit higher suggesting iodine deficient.
fT3=3.32 is oddly very good at mid-range.

Prolactin is looking elevated. Prolactin is released by orgasm or hugging babies, puppies, kittens etc and that can invalidate lab results.

TSH=3.45 is worse.
T4 decent
T3=1.19 was low

Progesterone=0.4 is scary low and would undermine progesterone–>cortisol
You are not taking OBC that could suppress progesterone.

You need to follow up on low progesterone and re-test. Do the labs on day 22 after your period starts. Maybe this was a lab error.

I know, I saw that which is why in a week.
So, I don’t have IDD most likely?
I’m really confused and I don’t trust Indian doctors.

I felt great after 1 mg but I haven’t taken 12 because I don’t want to make it worse.

What do you think about trying radioactive iodine uptake test?
I read that the skin absorbs only 11% so the patch tests are bad.

It is not that complicated. You take more iodine and selenium too and watch to see if your oral body temperatures improve and if you feel that you have more clarity of thought and energy.

I’ve bought a kelp supplement.
300 mcg per capsule and 600 mcg kelp extract.
I think it’s going to be toxic if I take more of it.
The selenium supplement stinks so much that even being in the room makes me nauseas.
Is this common?

Selenium need not have an odor. This seems like a product issue and not selenium issue.

300mcg iodine is not toxic. Are you confusing:

  • mcg = 1 micro gram = 0.000001 gram
  • 1mg = 0.001 gram

Radio active iodine should be avoided as it can contribute to thyroid cancer risk. It is used as part of a diagnosis of a known problem and not done on a whim.

I’ve been eating fish these dayd and also checking my morning temperature.
It’s always between 97.2-97.6 and rarely 97.8.
Do you think it could be because low progesterone?
The upper limit given on selenium is 400 mcg and iodine’s 300 mcg.
the supplement is yeast free. is that a good thing?
Should i treat my testosterone and progesterone first(getting it tested tomorrow and if there is a problem) or my thyroid problems?

You also need to check mid-afternoon body temperature. Some are cool in the AM but still get to 98.6F in the afternoon.

Upper limit on iodine? You mean RDA? RDA may not take you where you need to go.

If you are not aware of your having a yeast problem… do you eat bread or drink beer made with yeast?

Low progesterone is not lowering your body temperatures.

With guys getting on a lot of T, that can increase/restore metabolic demands that cannot be met if thyroid function is low and sometimes they then feel worse. I do not know if that effect can or does apply to women. But if thyroid function is a poor you will not achieve a good level of vitality.