20 yr old bodybuilder dies from synthol

Well I guess it’s synthol. Find a web translator because you’re going to need one. I found this in the Rotten news on rotten.com. The thing says ‘A 20-year-old body builder injects oil into his muscles to enlarge them, and dies as a result. Article in Swedish, but with photo.’ That could only be synthol right?

From the picture, the guy looks like Greg Valentino, although hard to tell since you only see his back. Although those biceps definately look like Valentinos.

Ive seen that picture before. Its greg valentino. I surely doubt that he died. And hes older than 20. Maybe it was someone else who died, but they used Gregs picture. Impressive forearms, no?

holy shit it looked like his arms were clay, and the mold was all rotten. thats a little to much synthol…theres a darwin award winner

here it is if I forgot it the 1st time www.aftonbladet.se/vss/nyheter/ story/0,2789,163745,00.html

Wow. What a stud! That’s worse than the strippers with the garbage can sized silicone hooters. Amazing the things people will do to themselves to look…well, it’s not good…I guess different is the nicest thing I can say.

What a freak! You would have to be the biggest dickhead on the planet to get synthol. For some reason it just angers me just watching pictures like that.

It is Valentino, here’s his site, http:// www.bicepmania.net/. That exact picture is on the homepage.

The picture doesn’t have anything to do with the article. A 20 year old bodybuilder died in Malmö, Sweden. The guy had injected some kind of oil into his muscles but they don’t know it it was the oil that killed him or it was something else. It’s not unlikely that he was using other drugs, too.