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20 Yr Old Assaults 65 Yr Od


This guy is from the same town as me, so this is big news. He went to my high school, and the bar he was arrested at is right down the street from my house. I was wondering what your guys' opinions were on this. He did hit a 65 year old man, however what old man confronts a 300 lbs guy over a tip jar?


Confronts? This guy knocked his tip jar over and spilled the contents. You would say nothing? They said he had been drinking...so he fucked up and broke the law. You are siding with the football player?



"A Mooresville police spokeswoman told The News & Observer that underage drinking was a factor in the incident. The 6-foot-5, 293-pound Sweezy is 20 years old".

Kid can't handle his booze.


Attracting attention to yourself when you're already drinking underage is never wise.


65yrs old well he lived thru the 60's, Vietnam, 20block lines for Gas. I find most old guys are not easily frightened so I can see why a old guy would confront another man about playing with his cash. Other than that the article states that the younger guy may have had a couple and was confronted by more than just the Bus driver.


I'm not siding with the football player at all, I'm a few years older than him and he was a real twat in high school, so I'm definitely not siding with him. I was just curious to see some opinions cause in my small town this guy is a hero, and the town is really divided.
And to be honest when I'm 65 no way in hell am I confronting anyone 6'5" 300lbs. The old guy definitely has balls


Opinions? Ummm...I don't know. That the kid is a total disrespectful douchebag? That any 20 year old that hit's a 65 year old should get his ass handed to him in jail.

I think I'm getting old because I don't understand teenagers and college kids anymore. The fact that your last sentence attempts to justify what this kid did is an example why.


So are you telling everyone that you dont have any balls?


Yeah, I only see one side to the situation.


Did the old guy have a beard.....?


20 year old kid is a douchebag idiot underage drinker. Old man has a sense of decency, and expects other human beings to have the same.

As a 21 year old myself, I unconditionally side with the old man.


hopefully that douche bag gets kicked off the team.



No but the ambalamps was called.
And yea I definitely side with the old man. I was mainly just wanting to see if anyone would try to defend the kid


sam_sneed's avatar always makes me think that he is suffocating himself with a plastic bag on his head since his face is blue.


underage drinking at 20 years old? bwahahaha


Without all of the facts, to support either side is unwise.

edit: If I was a betting man, I'd put my money against the kid.


Lol. I'm due for a new avatar but I've shrunk since surgery. So it's blue face for a couple more months.


fuck the jock


You're telling me you've never knocked something over while drunk? The kid probably got clumsy cause of the alcohol, knocked the coin over and then went confronted, got all cocky. Who said the old man didn't throw a first punch?

Quick edit - not to say I'm supporting the kid, just that let's get the facts straight before making judgement.


There is no reason to even get that close to a bus driver to knock shit over. He was drinking underage. While nothing new to most of us, what you don't do unless you are fucking retarded is bring that much attention to yourself while doing it.

Look, the bigger you are in terms of celebrity, the LESS shit you can get away with in public.

This jackass just got a full lesson on this. If he is that well known in the community, then he is a dumbass to pull this stunt and not expect any consequences.