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20 Yr Old, 210lb

EDIT Progress has been slow but see here for most up to date pics http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/currans_log_of_badassery?id=4364544&pageNo=1

So it’s been a little while. Here is the late posting I put up before resuming my long time lurking:


Lookin’ pretty thick. that was from July of 09’. I poked around and found even older photos from before that bulk that I will post up top followed by the new ones.

The pics above are from 1/9/2008 then the link to the other thread is probably whenever the hell it says I posted the forum. Anyways, current photos as of today:



the “other” legs

So I am fully aware I am not very impressive but I post mostly just to keep myself honest and it’s something good to look back upon. Over the past several years of lurking I’ve done a lot of learning and experimenting in the gym and the kitchen. Results were always a plus but I was mostly into it because I simply enjoyed learning about my body, training, and nutrition. I first picked up a weight five years ago and have been hooked ever since. I’m at a point now where I feel my like I know my shit well enough to regulate all aspects of my training and diet “on the run” so to speak. I used to sit down and write out a detailed plan: diet, program, periodization, goals, etc… Pretty much I was just trying to do the most complicated shit I could to reach goals that were easily attainable by much more reasonable, basic means.

Long story short - I know my shit. I am confident in my ability to achieve my goals using my knowledge and I am trying to move away from relying on others methodologies but instead using their influences (I am a long time lurker and have been heavily influenced by many authors and members as far as my approach to training and nutrition) to craft my own that works for me optimally. This requires being much more attune with my own body and using all my practical knowledge on a daily basis to kind of “auto regulate” everything. Hopefully someone knows wtf I’m talkin’ about Willis.

Right now all my training is templated off of IBB because I am really trying to focus on nailing down my mind/muscle connection and pretty much trying to teach myself how to really explode.

Anyways. I’m posting because I am currently cutting, right now at 205-210 depending on water. I am 5’10 btw. My goal is to finally prove to myself that I can achieve my goals and not yo-yo around on different experiments. I want people to look at me and know immediately the work I put into my health, fitness, and generally badassery.

So I’m gonna get a six pack. Bitches.

My auto regulation is going to be a smashing success so my general periodization after that is to do a much much more controlled bulk using complex carbs for breakfast and then a good peri workout protocol and do what I have to do to get 17’ arms (+2’) and a 17’ neck (+1’). My calves are already 17’. Then I’m going to experiment with a power phase that revolves around heavy slow lifts and progressive overload, ballistic/explosive/olympic lifts (heavy and eccentric less), and highly explosive bodyweight / high acceleration movements (plyometrics). The goal of that phase will be able to dunk. After that who knows. I will probably want to be stronger and bigger. Probably mostly stronger but who doesn’t love bulking? Seriously. Cutting’s hella gay folks.

I’ll be posting a log book starting tomorrow with training and diet. I will also update at least once a week with photos on my rapid journey to looking like Romaniello except with a grizzly fucking beard. I may let that mountain man shit grow out too until I get teh abz.

I will post the log link on here. It begins tomorrow after a morning strength session that’s pretty much out of the IBB Back Specialization period. It’s one of the fullbody sessions. Thanks for reading if you did.

nice progress dude, good luck

Yea, progress has been made. You actually gained muscle and maybe lost a lil fat. Can’t ask for more than that. Keep it up.

Thank you. I definitely did lose some fat and gain some muscle. The muscle went on to my back which is pretty thick although not nearly wide enough. I will post new pictures with all poses as soon as I am lean enough to justify it.

Log of my path to greatness. I will post updated pics on here as well.

Keep it up. I’d say put a little more size onto that chest, and work a little more into you triceps. GL

Good Progress! You’re young…take full advantage of that! Keep it up!

X2 on triceps…hit those hammies too!

New pics posted in my log, check it if you care. I’ll make a new thread once it’s needed.

Nice work you can see huge improvements from the first pictures.