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20 YO with Low Testosterone

First off I have seen several doctors including an endocrinologist today because my testosterone level was 333 on a scale of 348-1197 and my estrogen was an 83 on a scale of 40-115. He ordered me to take some more tests and said it was quite unusual but doesn’t think I have low T. I have done more than enough research to know I have many of the symptoms such as no energy, no motivation, trouble sleeping, lack of libido, difficulty maintaining an erection when I am about to have sex, and not very confident most of the time. The doctor said the only thing that really concerns him is the ED and lack of libido.

I also have a receding hairline and use to have bad acne but now only moderate. I read an article relating low T with patients suffering from receding hairline and acne and some reported ED. This is a big problem for me especially since I am in college and have many chances to hook up with girls but my anxiety about this often stops me. I went through puberty around 14-16 and have a good amount of facial hair but it never got thicker or more prevalent since.

My dad is a fairly big man that is extremely hairy and has a very large penis(so I have heard lol). I have a lot of little blonde hairs on my body and my dark hair isn’t very dark(arms, legs, face, etc). I have had the ED problems since I was about 17 and its rather embarrassing. I also cant seem to gain muscle even though I have been lifting regularly since I was 15. I’m 6’ and weigh about 185. Im fairly strong and not fat but I do have some manboobs. I tried some SERMS for a few weeks because the doctor could not help me as it was above his head he said. I did notice I was in a better mood and got more erections throughout the day.

Through my research I have come to realize that bodybuilders are often very intelligent and sometimes know more about the endocrine system than some doctors through their research and trial and error as well. My main question is what are your guys’ opinions/thoughts on the cause and also what I should do? I just want to be normal again and would like to reach my full size potential muscularly and sexually. I have read several things about inducing a second puberty and was curious as to your opinions on the possibility and effects if possible. Any help, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Read the stickies brah need more info. Do you have labs you can post? Should be testing estradiol not estrogen

Yeah my lab says Estrogens, Total and also says ESTROG TOT SERUM at 83 pg/mL. Testosterone, Serum is 333 ng/dL.

Wow, low t at 20, I really hope for the best Bro, I’m a little ol’ school, and yes they
had crap food and chems years ago, but not like today with so many Chems, GMO’s and
estrogen inducing by-products in Plastics, new food additives, pissed away pharmateuticals
in our water supply, more stress, etc. etc.

I believe in treating the cause and not just the symptoms, the scary thing is nowadays these
low t causing elements all around us are very hard avoid, the average age for puberty now for
African American Girls is 7 years of age, So many Hormone disruptors in Society now it’s frightening.
Symptoms can be treated, but if the cause isn’t defeated, the temporary solution is just that…temporary.
Good luck.

Heres a picture of my lab results

Labs needed!

LH/FSH - do not start TRT before you get this done
TT total testosterone
FT free testosterone

Read the advice for new guys sticky!!!

I am getting those labs early next week, no insurance unfortunately… out of network bs…

I probably should have included that I am always cold and my body temperature ranges from 97.5-98.5 typically in the afternoon. If I shake my head relatively fast I feel a slight pain/pressure in my head several inches behind my right eye and maybe an inch upwards. This has gotten me more concerned about a pituitary tumor. Also my testicles no longer hang as low as they use to in the past. I am getting my labs done tomorrow morning so I will update with the results.

I finally just got my results back from my new test done at a different lab. This lab was done at 8am and I had only slept for 30-60 minutes right before the test because I had gotten their an hour early. I didn’t sleep because I was doing work for school and I also know your testosterone is lower when you dont sleep. My results are as follow and it quite surprised me.
TESTOSTERONE, FREE was 200. Ref range 46-224 pg?mL
TESTOSTERONE, BIOAVAILABLE was 376.6. Ref range 110-575 ng/dL
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN was 20. Ref range 10-50 nmol/L
ALBUMIN, SERUM was 4.1. Ref range 3.6-5.1 g?dL

The endo wouldnt test my estrogen, T3, T4, prolactin, LH, FSH, or TSH like I asked him too. Hopefully this limited numbers can help but I still havent gotten a call from my doctor concerning this. Also, I donate plasma twice a week and many times I am unable to donate because my protein levels are too low. It has to be at least a 6 on a range of 6-9 and mine is always between 5.7-6.3 even though I primarily eat a high protein diet. I had suspected this was always low because my body wasnt adequately synthesizing protein this resulting in my consistently low levels. It really surprises me because my testosterone was so much higher, even though it was in the morning.

That is also why I didnt sleep for the test. Could it have been so high because I had masturbated about two hours prior? Or was it maybe from the Tamoxifen still even though I stopped taking the 20mg dose 2-4 weeks before the test? Maybe it sort of reset my system or something but I did notice my balls returned to normal after a few weeks of stopping the dose. But I am still concerned because I still have many of the classic signs of low T. I am still having issues with my libido and often lose my erection after about 10-15 minutes. And when I do have one, very rarely is completely hard like it should or use to be.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating and depressing…

I’m facing the same problem that you’re facing. I hope we can do well without going to TRT.
As a lot of people say we need to first see our adrenals you need to check your cortisol levels, then your thyroid specially Reverse T3 ratio. And then the last thing is your sexual hormones, a lot of doctors say that when you treat well your adrenals and thyroid there’s no need to go in trt.

There are some supplements that helps the adrenal fatigue, like panthotenic acid (vitamin B5). I’d like to know if DHEA could atrofy the testicles, DHEA and or pregnenolone will help your adrenal fatigue and also increase your testosterone that’s something we need to look into. Please all updates and all the things that you discover tell me please and I will also say the same thing to you.

Alright I gotcha man and yeah I was reading your post too and it sounds similar to mine. Except I dont carry much fat, just in my lower stomach and love handles. I think I have too much estrogen resulting from being amortized causing my problems. I have gynecomastia to a degree(though it is improving), difficulty maintaining an erection especially for longer than 10-15 minutes, unfocused, and I am quite the emotional person much of the time.

My symptoms did not improve enough while I was on the serms and even when I stopped. So i am thinking that I sort of restarted my system resulting in the increase in testosterone, but that with that increase also came increased estrogen that countered the effects I should have experienced. My doc was suppose to contact me but hasnt, so I will probably call today and see what he says, but more than likely he will refer me to a urologist. Which is unfortunate because I started taking my serm again for the past week which will falsify any normal natural levels my body should have.

Over winter break I will buy some adex but wait until further tests to try it. I am concerned though that my symptoms might be from multiple causes including mild hypothyroidism as I am always cold and some form of hypogonadism. I am interested in what others have to say but I know I need to obtain more hormone levels for my body which I will work on asap.

Urologists are the worst.

Where are you? You probably can order your own lab work. Are the docs been steered by your insurance company?

Yes, you seem to be restarted.

Albumin is low for your T levels, now we know why. Albumin+T is the major component of bio-T, so you want more albumin.

So without the labs:

  • you have low body temps, keep checking waking and mid afternoon
  • you feel crummy
  • you need to report your iodine intake, iodized salt and in vitamins

Yeah I would prefer to avoid the urologist… I want to get a mri scheduled before the end of the year because of insurance deductible. But where is a good place to look for these tests and how expensive are they?

The place with the endo has my insurance out of network… go figure but he said he didnt know why my levels were what they are and that he would probably refer me somewhere else. Basically he stated I didnt have elevated estrogen and my testosterone was fine but didnt understand why i was have libido and ED issues.

I tried explaining to him about a study that was done that correlated men with low testosterone and high estrogen with effects such as acne and MPB. Both of which I have and it is related to the 5-alphareductase inhibitors and dht. He said its all genetic and nothing i can do about it… which is obviously not true because hormones control almost every aspect of emotion, physicality, and even aspects of cognition.

I am of fairly decent size physically, much bigger than what I would imagine for a TT of 333 even though I cant seem to get much bigger at the moment no matter what I eat or how hard and heavy I lift. I am assuming that I pretty much reached my plateau with my T levels but I was able to get to this point as a result of increased dht levels, which also resulted in my acne and MPD. Would that be a safe judgement?

I will obtain a thermometer as soon as I get back to my hometown because of winter break. My temps were always taken in the afternoon whenever I went to donate plasma. As far as iodine goes, I use to use a lot of salt in the past but became more health conscious and stopped using it for a while(last 1-2 years) because I figured there is probably enough salt on all the food we eat anyways as a preservative. But since, I have been using more regularly in the past two weeks.

One other thing I keep forgetting to mention is that my lymph nodes in my neck have been enlarged for the last 3 years or thats when I noticed. Concerned when I was 17, I went to the dr and she told me it was because of drainage in my face from my acne that was causing them to swell. Now that I have taken many biology classes and am more educated, I almost see this as ludicrous and that she may have made up or misinterpreted a diagnoses or something along those lines. Maybe this is related to my possible mild hypothyroidism?

When you donate and they take your temperature, you are probably talking an cooling your mouth. The temperatures that we are concern with are low, the donation clinic is looking for a fever.

Salt is rarely a concern for younger healthy people. When the arteries are hardening and the arterial muscle tone is bad [TRT helps with that], lowering salt intake can lower blood volume and reduce some of the impact. Diuretics do the same. When such people are told to stop salt, the physician is basically inducing iodine deficiency and by definition, subclinical hypothyroidism is not treated and mostly not even recognized at all.

Lymphs: What does your CBC say about your immune system activity?

LEF.org does labs http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/Blood-Tests/Blood-Tests.htm

In regards to the temperature they take, its under the tongue and I have to have my mouth closed.

I will continue my intake on salt thought and see if that helps.

I am not sure what a CBC is but very rarely do I get sick. Maybe one bad time in the last 4 or 5 years. I will often get symptoms like cough, congestion, mucus, and runny nose. But I almost never feel under the weather when I am sick. I have actually been “sick” for the last 3 or 4 weeks but I dont feel sick, just the common symptoms.

But thanks for the site!

The point is that they are not concerned with a low body temperature, you should be.

CBC check antibody cell counts. If your lymphs are still noticeable, you might have a chronic state of infection/inflammation/parasite. CBC is basic, routine and inexpensive. Nothing there, great to know that too.

CBC = complete blood count

Iodine in salt is a low maintenance dose. Not enough to possibly overcome iodine efficiency.

Alright I will look into that as soon as I can get another appointment scheduled. thanks for the help

Did you check your vitamin D? Maybe if you’re deficient like a lot of people are you may feel a little bit better with it. I’m very deficient and I will start to supplement it I hope it will increase my testosterone too. We need to work together man because we’re in very similar situation maybe we could leave this shitty life in the same way and I really hope that when we figured this out we will be better than before get the ED and lack of libido I’m praying for that

I get plenty of vitamin d because I go tanning once a week and take vitamins because I take melanotan 2 because it helps with libido and allows you to get more pigment from the sun without causing as much damage as normal I believe. But I will try and check that.

A lot of people take sunbath and still have problems with vitamin D. But I’ve found something good I think the guy doesn’t have a lot of testosterone and he has adrenal fatigue and treating it he is able to get libido back and also erections. Could you do the math and tell here the range in our units of his testosterone?