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20 YO Male, Hormone Advice

Hello all, I’m a 20 year old guy with erection and libido issues, plus thinner sperm. I am 5’8 (172cm) and 191.8 pounds (87kg). Thing is, I wasn’t always like this so I decided to have a hormonal panel in order to see what’s going on. I would like opinions as I don’t know what is optimal for my age and if any of these can cause trouble.

Here’s what I tested, with reference ranges and results:

DHEA: 5.7 ng/ml (1.5 - 7.5)
Testosterone Total: 4.82 ng/ml (2.6 - 10)
Free testosterone: 89 pg/ml (50 - 260)
SHBG: 15 nmol/l (10-57)
Prolactine: 14.5 ng/ml (<15)
Progesterone: 0.8 ng/ml (0.1 - 1)
Fasting insulin at 0’: 14.7 uUI/ml (6 - 24)
Estradiol E2: 34.7 pg/ml (5-50)
Estrone E1: 26 pg/ml (18-50)
Estriol E3: 0.1 ng/ml (<1)
IGF-1: 310 ng/ml (90 - 318)

You need to also test:

T may be low because LH/FSH are low, leading to lower T levels and then you are very estrogen dominant.

LH/FSH is suppressed by elevated E2 and prolactin.

Prolactin can be elevated because of a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. This is confirmed by a MRI. This condition is well managed with 0.5mg/week Dostinex/cabergoline. Should not be ignored because if too large it can press on optic nerves.

Please read these stickies: - carefully

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • finding a TRT doc

If you have thyroid problems, that can lead to weight gain.

  • do you get iodine from salt, bread, dairy, vitamins, sea food?
  • do you get cold easily?
  • outer eyebrows sparse?

Your biggest challenge will be the doctors.

There are lots of threads in this forum by guys in your age group.

Where are you located?

Post seems lost. Will check later.

I’ll go read the info you provided, just posting this one because you asked me about the thyroid, I have the values:

My TSH has ranged from as low as 0.88 to 2.5 - 2.8 (ref range 0.27 - 4.7)
FT4: 1.72 ng/dl (0.7 - 2)
FT3: Highest was 5 on a range of 2.56 - 5.01, my most recent which was back in march this year was 3.7 pg/ml on a scale of 2 - 4.4
T4: Most recent is 9.91 ug/dl on a reference of 5.1 - 14.1
T3: Most recent is 133 on a reference off 80 - 200 ng/dl
Anti TPO: <5 IU/ml (reference <34)
ANTI TG: 13 (<115 IU/ml)

I have a pituitary microadenoma 4.7 x 4.3 mm, doctor suspects cushing’s but so far only one urine test has come high.

Please check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

  • do you get iodine from salt, bread, dairy, vitamins, sea food? + history off
  • do you get cold easily?
  • outer eyebrows sparse?

Hey, I read the thyroid stickies and waited until today so I can get my temps and report back here.

Ok here it is:

Morning temp: 36.28 C (97.3 F)
Afternoon temp: 36.77 C (98.186 F)

  • I believe I do, the salt container says outside that it contains iodine
  • Yes, my hands and feet get cold very easily and it’s very annoying
  • I can’t say they are sparse, they aren’t as thick as they are inwards but based from the people with dark eyebrows I see, the thickness isn’t uniform either.

Your fT3 should support decent body temps. With low body temps we suspect that rT3 might be blocking ft3, slowing down mitochondria and lowering temperatures and energy.

Hey man I’ve got similar issues and similar numbers, just curious about some other things.

-any history of steroid use?
-are you single or in a relationship?
-What kind of strength/conditioning training do you do?