20 YO Following Training Roadmap!

Hi, I’ve been lifting for about 3-4 years (started from 130 lbs(59 kg)) and here I’ll try to become the best version of myself.

6’2 (188cm)
currently: 202lbs (92 kg)
20 years old.

arms- 16 inch (40 cm)
quads - 23.6 (60 cm)
calves 14.5 inch (36/37cm)
forearms 12.59 inch (32 cm)

bench: 220 lbs (100kg) x 7
bb rows: 242(110kg)x10
leg press: 550 lbs (250kg) x 10-15
Squats and Deadlifts are to come, haven’t done them seriously before

After getting suggestion from @TrainForPain I’ve decided to start this log. I’ll keep it updated every day or few days depending on how much free time I have. There was also suggestion to follow the following roadmap:

5/3/1 program
I, Bodybuilder program
How to Build 50 Pounds of Muscle in 12 Months program
Reactive Pump Hypertrophy program

I’m starting tomorrow with 5/3/1 and I’ll keep you updated. When it comes to nutrition I’ll try to eat as clean as possible, maybe some sugars around workout.
Supplements: zink+magnesium+calcium, vitamin c

Special thanks to @TrainForPain @T3hPwnisher @mnben87 @hankthetank89 @Andrewgen_Receptors for giving me idea.

Quick info: I’ve never counted macros or calorie intake, neither have I followed any type of program. For 3 years I’ve been doing bro split 5x a week, every muscle group separated


I’m in; glad to have you logging - I believe you’ll find a lot of success with your training this way.


You’ve built a fantastic foundation to start from. This will be fun to watch.

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Do you have ANY idea what your maxes are?

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Good on you for actually making a log. Excited to see how this goes for you : )

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In for the journey. Good on you for making a commitment and starting a log.


This is a bad idea.

Before starting the program, read at least one of Jim’s books on the method.


First workout done, it was bench day:
70kgx5 75kgx5 5x5x85kg
Incline db bench press: 27.5kg x 10 27.5kg x 10 27.5kg x 10 27.5kg x 10 27.5kg x 10
Weighted dips +20kg: 5x10
Crunches, decline bench: 20 reps 15 reps 15 reps

Things I don’t like so far: it seems that I don’t get enough volume if I follow program exactly, without adding extra exercises

I don’t know how should arms, calves or abs be incorporated.

And maybe I fell little bit more in love with: chest/bic, back, legs, shoulders/tric


I second this. This is a terrible idea.

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Which template are you following? I think this will be a radical change in mindset for you if you’re used to unprogrammed bro-splits. I can’t recommend reading the books enough to help understand the method.


And I second this. Reading the books is critical.


Stuff like curls and pushdowns gets counted towards your pull/push assistance work. Abs get counted towards core/single leg assistance, and I don’t recall Wendler writing anything in particular about programmed calf work.

You’d really be doing yourself a favor by reading the book, like everyone else is suggesting.


It sounds like you have, what I call, Bodybuilding OCD. You feel the need to incorporate every exercise for every body part or you feel like you’re neglecting something. This is a mental illness many beginners have. You need to focus on putting everything into the exercises you’ve been given and following the progression system in place. All of this was created by a coach who is smarter than you. If you knew better, you wouldn’t be on here asking questions and needing direction.

Read the books, follow your program. You can make adjustments once you’ve developed experience and understand what actually works for your body. Beginners need a rigid structure. I’ve been lifting for 14 years and am still making gains by following programs to the letter. It works, just trust the process my brother.


Can someone please tell me which book are you talking about?

“5/3/1 Forever” by Jim Wendler is the most updated version.


Why did you do 5x5 for the topset?

5/3/1 for Hardgainers Week one, bench press day

I notice day 1 on hardgainers is squat day?

Actually done legs before starting program, thats the reason why I’ve started with bench

I think this particular program will benefit from doing the days in the correct sequence. The sled pushing you should have done today is there to help you recover from the widowmaker squats you should have done 2 days ago.

Also: do the rows.

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