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20 YO, 170lb, Approx. 10-15% Bodyfat


Around 170-175lb. after a twenty pound bulk. Despite whatever size the picture may give me, I still look fairly scrawny for 5'7 and 173lb.

Yes, I'm breaking the rules with no back or legs. Legs are small, I started squatting two months ago. Back is fairly thick, but not insanely wide.

I'm looking for a basic rating based on size and muscularity, as well as how much weight I may need to put on to look reasonably larger.

Bench: 300

Squat: 250

Pull up w/ added weight: 120

C&J: 160


Here's the back.


Benching 50 lbs more than you squat?

C'mon man...


are those stats for a pull up with 120lbs added? vids?


your back looks proportional for the rest of your body your legs are probly lagging considering you bench more than you squat. If your looking to keep gaining weight start doing deadlifts and glute bridges to make sure your legs grow proportionally. but yea you look similar to how much you weigh i think.


As a rock climber, I can attest that its not that hard. I am 5'6" 150 and can do pullups with my 105# girlfriend hanging on.